Sunday, April 28, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Big News This Week!  Kick-off of Dining Under the Stars
This upcoming Wednesday evening in Media will be packed with the season kick-off Dining Under the Stars.  Get your chalk ready kids, bring an appetite and come enjoy the best Media has to offer in the world of culinary excellence.  Outdoor dining on State Street is back!

Now longer grouchy, Ocsar is back home.
Welcome Home Oscar the Cat!
I was contacted about a missing cat last week and immediately got the word out.  I'm happy to report that after 11 days, Oscar returned home.  Someone saw a flyer at the post office and was able to reunite Oscar with his family.  Nice Job! 

Bevan's Candy for Mother's Day
Get your order in for Mother's Day at Bevan's Candy.  You can find them on Facebook doing their thing.

June will be an action packed month for Media, PA.  We have an International Opera production "JAGO" starting up May 30st and going through June 1st.  It's also Golf Month in Media with the US Open being held at Merion Golf Club.  Then we have the Blues Strolls and what's become Media's Mardi Gras, the world famous Media 5 Miler Race.

Media gets left behind - NO VACANCY
If you have guest coming in from out of town you'll have to send them to Springfield as they'll have a hotel way before Media will.  In fact, it's shaping up to look like a resort with a golf course, banquet facilities and large conference rooms. With a record number expected in the area for the US Open this June, Media takes a back seat to other towns who can accommodate them.
Springfield Hotel

Media Borough Council likes to talk economic vibrancy and its importance to the community, but the results show an enitrely different story.  If  I haven't been actively  following the developments related to this hotel, we'd still be wondering why projects like this haven't started.  Borough Council has been wrong on virtually everything they've said about this hotel and other local development projects.  Why, because they have no idea what's going on.

President Hall mentioned that the Hampton Inn and Suites project has been ongoing forsix (6) years, but the shovel date is scheduled for the end of 2012.
President Hall mentioned that the Overlook condo units, that will be located on Edgmont and Jefferson streets, will begin construction this fall.
Borough Council Meeting Minutes August 2012

Political they come
The tulips have barely bloomed and we still await the May flowers, however, it's bumper crop for this year's political signs.  They literally pop up over night and this weekend looks to be the kick-off.  Looks like Upper Providence Councilman Tom McFadden took the award for first sign sighting.   They are all over the place.  Here in Media for District Judge, Haley signs went up first with Martini signs going up hours later.  Toni Cavanagh Dimonte chose a bigger option and bought BIG billboard space at 5 points in Media.

Some Council Candidates don't want you to know the issues affecting Media!
What's the deal candidates? Why aren't you talking about issues?
As shocking as that sounds, there are four candidates running for Borough Council who AGAIN don't list any issues important to this community!!!  

How could anyone including Mayor Bob McMahon run and not know and have positions on the Third Street Bridge, a proposed Wawa, the hotel, Nativity building vacancy or even the traffic on Jefferson Street!

 What they're not telling you is that they OPPOSE any kind of Wawa and opening the Third Street Bridge because their bosses told them so.


  1. great 2 min update for a Media ex-pat

    1. Is the woman in red just flipping the bird to candidates on both sides?

  2. They act like things just kind of happen, but perhaps this is all by design.

  3. Tedman is the lady in red a Media Borough resident or a stock photo?

    I'd like to can organic tomatos with her and raise home schooled kids together.

    1. Would that be a NIMBY MILCTW or a NIMBY MILRHSKW ?? Or just a Mom who doesn't want anything to do with YOU ?

  4. whats happening with the BVM building after June?

  5. Tedman, You should really get your facts straight before spewing this garbage...if you want to know what the candidates views are just ask them!

  6. So Tedman, as a candidate for mayor of Media, what exactly are your ideas for Nativity and the hotel site? I haven't seen anything other than complaining about current Council & Mayor not doing anything.

  7. Please include the lady in red in future blogs whenever possible.

  8. Well I must say Hotel project is also slowed by southeast Media NIMBYS..what about the traffic?Truth is, Clinic generated far more traffic than hotel ever will..the usual.."what ever it is I am against it!"this is one project that has languished through several councils...cannot blame all this on the current group of simpletons.

    1. Jim Cunningham campaigned on keeping the hotel OUT in '07, won, and did everything he could to try and stop it. Now the project has been passed by council, but the developer is sitting on it...and "Media First" blames borough Council!?