Sunday, May 19, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

First thing first, thank you to those who stop me on the street to say how much they like this blog.  I really appreciate that and hope it provides a decent insight to what goes on in this town.  As for my poor attempts at humor?  Hey, how else can I have fun on here.  Ha!

A special thanks to the gentleman who moved to Media from NJ.  He likes the blog and told me it keeps him up to date.  Thanks!

A very special birthday wish to a distinguished guest who was out celebrating her big day on State Street last night.  Her friend (T) caught me walking by and wanted to make sure I made the announcement!  She could have celebrated anywhere, but chose Media!  That's my point with all of this, when people get enthusiastic about the town they live in, great things WILL HAPPEN!  I won't divulge the names, but they know who they are.  Thanks and Happy Birthday.

Ok, let's go.

Starbucks Gets Makeover!
I'm hear at Starbucks today writing this addition.  I really like the new layout: granite counter tops, stools and power strips for electronic devices.  The flow seems to have improved too.  It's got a "on-the-go" kind of feel, but bodes well if you need an hour to two to work on a computer.  

As I look out the window across the street, I see the vacant Nova Bank building that looks like it was built for a Starbucks.  Plenty of parking over there and a drive-thru window to boot!  Maybe someday.

Media's Newest Hotel is in Springfield.
I'm very intrigued with the hotel being built in Springfield.  It's coming a long nicely and will be more of a resort than generic hotel.   Banquet facilities, restaurant, golf course and leisurely area that'll include an outside patio with fire pits (atleast in the sketches).  It looks like it will also satisfy a need for Swarthmore College and the families coming in to visit the school and students.

The reason why Media's hotel or the proposed condos on Edgmont and Jefferson haven't started, isn't because there's a pile of cash laying around and someone forgot to give the word "GO" It's because of just that, MONEY!  Seven years ago financing was a lot easier than it is now.

Cool Spot of the Week: Rushton Farm
As they say at Nikki Beach in St. Tropez, "only tell your best friends!"  Well, for Rushton Farm, which sells freshly grown produce, the secret is out and tell everyone.  They are not fully functional for the season yet, but will be in a few weeks.  Come on out and help an actual working co-op farm.  They will have a lot of great stuff here and it's easy to get to.

What's going on at Edgmont's Army Reserve Center?
There's quite a big military facility that sits on the northern end of Edgmont Township.  It's off of Delchester Road and sits back from West Chester Pike.  You wouldn't notice anything peculiar about this site other than the Bell Huey helicopter that sits out front for display.  Interesting enough, this was a former Nike missile site that was setup during the 1950's.  The missiles have long been removed, but remnants of the concrete radar platforms still exist.

Anyway, there is new construction going on at this site.  Looks like they are clearing a field for a new building.  It's very well secured, so I couldn't get in, but I'll ask around to see what I can find out.  I did get some photos which I'll share in a later post.

Delaware County's Walk for the Wounded
This was the best thing I did all weekend.  I got some time to spend with veterans and hear their stories as they shared their knowledge on a host of experiences.  There were displays of cars, motocycles, military vehicles and a helicopter that you could climb into to get a real-life understanding of what the experience was about.

It was great to see the unity and appreciation from all areas of Delaware County.  To our Vets!  Thank You!

Comments on ATM
Thousands of people don't read this blog each week because I talk about unicorns and the flavor of the month coffee.  Media, like any town has its problems.  If you like my perspective on things great, if not, leave a comment.  I post them, there's no shortage of shots against me on here.  That's fine, at least you're sharing  in the passion for your town.  Or, if you prefer as does my biggest critic Bill does, you can cuss me out on State Street.  Just at least let me first put cream and sugar in my cup of coffee before you start in on me. (atleast Bill and I can agree on that)

Skate Board Fines
The skateboarders of Media and their families have united.  People are fired up about the fines and ordinances skateboarders are receiving in Media.  so I've agreed to meet with them as a group to see what can be worked out.  Thanks to those who personally reached out to me over this.  In the next coming weeks, we will setup a meeting and go from there.

Borough Hall for Sale?
Last year someone put Media Borough Council up for sale on Craig's list.  There were not takers.  However, a "For Sale" sign on borough hall spotted yesterday ironically says it all.  Maybe Mayor McMahon and Borough Council paying $20,000 for a poorly made, celebrity voice over video was the last straw.   Or was is the millions in cost overruns that the Third Street Bridge has incurred due to 18 years or lack of leadership.
Does it come with Media's Borough Council?


  1. Research through the district court how many people have been cited for skateboard violations over the past several years. I bet you'll be surprised at the minute number. And, if they were cited it was because they failed to adhere to numerous warnings by the police. The restrictions are in place not only for the safety of the skateboarders, but pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well.

    1. I am a parent of a skateboarder, who has been fined numerous times and I agree with you. But If Media gave them a skate park it would be a place Where They wouldn't get fined. It's unfair. I agree, the children shouldn't skateboard in the business district or by the courthouse. But my son got fined 3 times at the playground, Where the principal told him and several of his friends it was OK for them to skateboard there. Now the police say It's because signs are posted. The police say, razor scooters are also not allowed in the business district! If the kids are gonna give my kid a fine on the playground, They need to be fair about it and enforce it to all the kids on scooters also. My kid rode his skateboard into the playground, put it down and started playing basketball. The cop walked in and took it while he was playing ball and he wasn't even on it. It's just wrong. I'm not saying my child couldn't had made a better choice but at 13 we all made some mischievous and poor choices. But he shouldn't be subjected to a bigger fine then a traffic ticket for speeding, ($220.96) or doing community service in Chester off of Concord rd. picking up iv needles for a SPORT!

  2. Millions in cost overruns? Really?? At which point, exactly, would a different Council have saved money? Are you suggesting that Media should have replaced the dam and two way road without clarifying ownership? Jim Cunningham didn't want to do that ......


    1. ...Absolutely not true! Media Democrats support the true democratic candidates. Really pathetic way to try to get votes!!

  4. Is the "For Sale" sign a prank? No,borough police would have taken it down by now. This is serious. Media First team must take over on Wednesday to save our town.

  5. Stop the insanity. Media First and last.

  6. This for sale sign was outside the property across Jackson Street from the Borough buildings. Someone uprooted it (note the mud on the bottom of the posts) and placed it in front of the Borough sign.

    Jokes. I get jokes...

    1. That is correct. Also, I think somebody needs a reality check: the police do law enforcement, not signage. It's just not their job.

  7. Cited three times?Maybe one or two citations would have done the trick...
    The law is the law!Hey I know I need to put money in a parking meter but I did not..and now I have. unfair,whining yuppies..move to Haverford then

    1. Look, I get it. And I've talked to him about it. He is stubborn. In a faze Where he is having issues with authority and so forth. We are doing everything we can, modifying his curriculum at school, counseling 2-3 times a week. It's not as If I'm ignoring his defiance, but this is a skateboard for Pete's sake.
      The difference between you and him is he is still a kid. He is not being rational. He loves the sport. You are an adult and process information differently then a hormonal teenager. Please don't judge, we are doing the best we can.
      A skate park would set balance to the ordinance.

  8. I don't like the idea of Rushton sounds too green. If you keep talking about stuff like this, pretty soon a whole bunch of new people will move into town, start eating fresh vegetables, singing kumbaya and hugging trees. Buy your vegetables in a can in the grocery store, and keep Media the way it always was!!

  9. you have some misspellings in your first paragraph...

  10. Tedman - Once again you're engaging in rumor and false assertions. YOU knew Borough property was not for sale and that the borough is fiscally sound. Why would you photograph vandalism and and use it to mislead your readers during election week?