Monday, May 20, 2013

New Tenant to Occupy former Citi Bank Building?

Former Citi Bank Building on Baltimore Ave (behind Trader Joe's)
The Citi Bank building vacated in March may have a new tenant soon, and guess what?  It's a bank! Not a new bank, but one I'm told that will be moving from State Street to this custom made structure Citi Bank had built when they first moved in.  Part of the draw is the drive-thru window that no bank on State Street has other than Bryn Mawr Trust.

It's a nice looking building with parking and easy in and out access to Baltimore Ave.


  1. What's the deal with that bank's dumpster structure? It's very nice but it totally blocks the sidewalk. You're walking along and then suddenly there's a brick wall in front of you. Couldn't the architect figure out a better way? Obviously, it's a minor issue but nevertheless why design it poorly unnecessarily?

  2. Uhhhh...was there some kind of, uhhh, thing happening today? Some kind of thing where we choose candidates for the thing in the fall, the pick-and choosing thing, the uh....ELECTION!

    I almost forgot, today's the big contested primary in Media where people go to vote for who they want on the ballot for the election in the fall. You know, the whole "Media First" thing and all....

    Tedman, you've got to get on this, man! This is news!!! Today's the day!

    1. Tedman can't type right now, he's got his fingers crossed.