Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Penncrest Ranks as One of America's Best High Schools

Newsweek ranks Penncrest as one of the top high schools in the country.  Nice job by the students, teachers, faculty and school board for making education 
a priority for our communities!
Penncrest Makes Newsweek's Ranking as One of America's Best High Schools!


  1. So why does the RTM board screw with the teachers' salaries??

  2. WOW - a fine, fine accomplishment when put in the context of NATIONAL rankings! It's nice to see affirmation of what most of us knew all along, aside from the handful of noisy detractors that have nothing nice to say about our school board or administrators lately. The fact remains, there will always be that population of students who approach school with such a laissez-faire attitude that they do not take advantage of everything our schools have to offer. The other sad part of this equation is that accountability starts at the parent level. If parents don't start holding their own children accountable, there's little that the district can do without solid reinforcement at home. Well done, Penncrest, and well done RTMSD!