Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Store in Media Quietly Goes Out of Business

Welcome to Media!  New Business Moves In.
They were in business for about two years, but now no longer.  Jigsaw Home Solutions located on N. Olive off of State Street has vacated their location.  Not sure if they relocated, as their website doesn't provide details,  but either way, here is another business that has moved on from Media or is no more.  

What will be moving into this location is quite interesting, as I was able to catch up to the new business owner and discuss his plans.  I'll hold the details for a bit, but what I saw could really be a cool concept and judging from the decor, this guy knows how important the aspect of "presentation" is.    

It's too bad Media doesn't have a real mayor who keeps on top of these changes or offers to help out these local business.  This business is thrilled to be here with one of the nicest spots in town.  Nope, it's not a retail store, but it is service oriented.


  1. This site sounds less informative and more petty everyday. It's a shame, I like reading stories about what's going on in Media. Speculation and accusations now run rampant in every article. Why don't you talk to the owner before you make a post like this?

  2. Maybe you need to get a job...

  3. Another business that I could not figure out. What were they? A rug store?