Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It’s finally done......the bridge!

Old Forge Rd Bridge is NOW OPEN!
Hold on a second, I wasn’t talking about “THAT BRIDGE,” but the announcement last week in the Delcotimes regarding Middletown’s bridge on Old Forge Rd.  This whole project was done with no exorbitant cost overruns or delays.  This is what happens when you have a plan, leadership and commitment.  This is also what happens when you don't have a councilman undermining the whole project by covertly providing webservices to family and friends who used it to lobby the town denouncing the bridge.

I particularly like this quote, ““For all of you here today, I am pretty sure you crossed at least one bridge to get here,” Delaware County Councilman Dave White said. “And you will cross another to get to your job, and another to get back home. Bridges and their safety are a critical component of our transportation system. They are also critical to our school districts who transport our children, and to our police, firefighters and emergency responders.”

Here in Media, Borough Council leads us to believe that they worked hard with self-written newspaper articles, followed up with statements like "Ultimately, Borough Council did its job." If you believe that, attempt driving over Third Street bridge today.


  1. Right on Tedman. The main stream media doesn't care about Media's bridge. Keep pushing the 3rd Street Bridge issues on this blog.

  2. I want our two way, short cut in and out of town back the way it was! Let's get it done please. It is definitely critical for emergency responders in and out of town quick. It is a big enough crossing to be two ways and for pedestrians. On all these back ways in and around town if your walking you know to look out for cars. I missed the bus home from Penncrest back in 1993. No ride. Walked the back way across that bridge many times and survived to tell the tale!!

  3. Ahhh, yes - the tale of a student safely crossing over Third Street with nary an injury. We are led to believe that there are hundreds of errant kids not paying attention who need a separate (and expensive!) pedestrian walk because they can't cross the street. There are also hundreds of mothers with strollers who will walk this monstrous hill every day, and they too cannot safely cross over. I heard the RTM transportation department is ecstatic that the Old Forge bridge will be open BOTH WAYS so the Middletown kids can get efficiently transported TO and FROM school. Alas, we in Media are destined to sequester our people who need vehicles (any type!), as we are a town where every person walks every where, every day. So when are the Amish moving in?

  4. Tedman, why is it that you never mention the the bridge is held up because of BLCC? NOT Borough council. Do your homework...

  5. and I am STILL sick and tired of GPS systems and online systems (hello, mapquest, you stink!) sending people over a bridge that's been closed since I bought my house in 1999 to get to my place. At least Google Maps stopped - after I sent them numerous pictures from their own street view images of both sides of the bridge.

    Enough already.