Sunday, June 9, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Thanks to a reader this week for the nice compliments regarding this blog.  She was interested in July's firework shows and when they would be posted.   We haven't had fireworks in Media since 1986 and since that time many communities have discontinued the tradition.  I'll post something when the Fourth of July draws closer.

Ok, let's go.

Media Blues Stroll
Congratulations to the organizers of last night's Blue Stroll.  Looks like everyone had a great time along with perfect weather.  I know the bars and restaurants were quite please too.  

House is on fire with Brunch
I haven't had a chance yet to get down to newly remodeled House, but it looks like many of you have and are raving about their new brunch.  In fact, I wasn't going to write-up anything about the experience until I was there myself, but too many emails, calls and even texts came in to not do something about it now.

I also hear they may be including a dinner menu soon, which may require an even BIGGER House.  Don't forget, they also have a luxuriating presence at BLCC too.

Media Does Mussels and Oysters Well:
Media is not really known for seafood, but I have to say Sligo's Pub on State Street really has some good seasonal oysters.  If you're into that stuff, check it out as I have a pretty discerning taste for oysters and the Chincoteague oysters they had were excellent.

You don't need me to tell you this, as it's known knowledge by people who cover this stuff, but La Bella Epoque has hands-down the best mussels you can find.  State Street isn't the Italian Riviera, but the cured meats and cheeses w/ jelly are pretty close.  Maybe they'll consider a roasted cheese and bitter honey dish.

Bazaar of All Nations Documentary is Back this June!
This is just flat-out cool!  A locally produced documentary about a iconic shopping experience that everybody in Delaware county and beyond visited.  
A 59-minute edit of the White Lyte Productions film Bazaar of All Nations returns to WHYY TV 12 on June 13th at 10:30PM and June 23rd at 5PM. The documentary focuses on the still beloved early proto-mall which stood on Baltimore Pike in Upper Darby, PA from 1960-1993 and had vast impact on the development of other malls in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Custom Bagel - Community Service at its best.
I never get tired or writing great stories about Media.  One of which happened last week involving a found and returned smartphone.  I'm serious when I say: when businesses look after the community, the community looks after its businesses.  Truthfully, that's the "glue" that holds the whole town together and is what makes it "Everybody's Home Town"  Nice job, Customer Bagel.

Media not setting boundaries for events.
Are dogs allowed at DUTS?  I don't know. Seems some places allow it, others don't.  How about snaps?  I'm not here to encroach upon civil liberties or anyone's enjoyment of DUTS, I'm just asking for a cease-fire when comes to snaps.

Here are the policies from DUTS Facebook Page:

  • Parents must supervise their children at all times
  • No bicycles or scooters are allowed
  • No ball throwing or waterguns
  • Dogs and other animals restricted during public events
The US Golf Open in Media, who knew?

By estimates stated by the Brandywine Convention and Visitors Bureau, there is $125 million expected to be injected into the local economies for this world watched event.  There are pre-parties, dinner parties, after-parties, cocktail parties, receptions, sponsorship events and corporate tents that are looking to promote their causes, while making sure their attendees enjoy themselves to the fullest.  Merion is a great golf course, but its town won’t come close to feeding, lodging and entertaining all these people the whole week.  I get it, but does Media?  These organizers are craving for trusted recommendations that they can share with their guests who they are trying to impress upon with a memorable experience. And that experience should include Media.

It’s one thing to say on a website somewhere that Media will have Dining Under the Star three nights out of the week.  It’s an entirely different outcome when you have a campaign, group or knowledgeable spokesperson working among the many sponsors and corporate events promoting a town like Media.   I’ll do my unoffical best while I’m there, but Media needs to have a lot more swagger when it comes to promoting this town during showcase events like this.

Unfortunately, the best information I saw promoting Media during the US Open was a newpaper ad posted in a bar bathroom on State Street.  Enthusiasm can be a killer marketing tool when it comes to promoting a town like Media, we just need a lot more of it.


  1. Media was printing money last eve.

  2. Media was printing money last eve.

  3. I have seen complaints posted that ATM is "too negative". I would disagree as it seems to me to be a largely positive blog. But positive commentary and public service sure doesn't bring out the commentors the way the controversies do!

    1. Media is a relatively prosperous, well managed town. I just complain that the elected and appointed leaders don't understand, and therefore fail to follow the rules that have been established by applicable State laws. Luckily, everyone seems to have positive intentions, though they don't agree on the goals. I believe Media is the best town off its kind, though it is far from its fullest potential... If that makes any sense.

  4. Ah the Bazaar of All Nations. It was the Mos Eisley of Delaware County. So many different characters coming and going, great people watching, a variety of weirdness not seen in the Empire these days. I swear I saw a pre-morbidly obese Jabba there once. Dude was macking hard on some Delconian women. Oh how they swooned over his jibberish!

    Ample parking for Slave II (my dad would never let me drive Slave I!). I could pull up right to the curb in the early days and stop in for power converters at a great price. Way cheaper than the ones you could get at Tosche's in Anchorhead. Memories!