Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today's Bodybuilding Championship Fills Media Theatre!

I haven’t been to a professional bodybuilding competition before, but it was nice to see the Media Theatre host this event.  The morning show was awesome, with contestants coming from all over to compete for the NFC Philadelphia Championship and Tracey Greenwood Classic.  There were young people, older people, photographers, music and a lot of cheering going on for everyone on stage. 

The competition for men and women pre-judging started around 11:45am with numerous categories including Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini.  The contestants would come up on stage for about 3-4 minute intervals doing poses and comparisons.  With many age and weight classes, the show was none stop, but very well organized and managed by a staff who really knew what they were doing.

The audience loved the Media Theatre which proved to be an excellent venue to host this event.  The place was packed!  I noticed a few people taking pictures of the balconies and asking if they were real.  Unfortunately they aren’t, but it’s really neat to see people come to Media to enjoy this competition, while also enjoying the theatre.

The Media Theatre has a tremendous amount of potential.  I hope they continue to host these types of events.  It’s great to spend a Saturday afternoon in Media, at the theatre, checking out something new and different.  Especially the women’s bikini segment, which I think, would be a hit every weekend.  

It's not intermission, but he show continues on this evening with final judging beginning at 6:30pm.  Check it out, I’m quite glad I did.



  1. Tedman, thank you so much for all of your support and passion for our wonderful town. Media is the gem of Delaware County. I was thrilled to be able to compete right here "at home" and I hope the town businesses reaped the benefits as well. Thanks for coming to our event! I love the productions at our Theatre and I'd love to see them branch out to more diverse audiences and bring people into town as a result, this was a nice change!