Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A video announcement a Mayor SHOULD do.

I'd like to recognize Mayor Linder of Chester for what I thought was a great service announcement to businesses in his town. This is exactly what I'm talking about when I mention enthusiasm, passion and interacting with the community.  This is also reflects a good knowledge of business opportunity, which is crucial in advocating economic development.   Kudos to Google too, who I'm sure produced the video and probably picked up the tab for a service they are obviously trying to market.  Either way, it looks to be a win-win for both groups.

This is what a mayor should do, not get caught up in a telemarketing informercial that happened here in Media and ended up costing taxpayers $20,000.  Mayor McMahon and borough council sold us on this deal that their infomercial would be shown nationally.  They boasted it would be seen on the Discovery Channel.   A year later and has anyone seen it.....anywhere on TV?  Let's back up! Has anyone ever seen "Today in America" by Terry Bradshaw where the clip was supposedly to air? You get the point, but what many don't understand is that the company Mayor McMahon and borough council dealt with to make this informercial (non-bid) had been investigated and fined for fraud by the Florida State Attorney General.  For all we know the video could have been a one-time take in a studio?  Who's to know and how can anyone tell from a Youtube clip?!?

Mayor McMahon and Council President, Brian Hall should have known better than to get into a deal with a company that had been under this type of investigation.  It was even brought to their attention in the press.  There were prior complaints all over the internet about how this organization operates and the sales pitch they use. What proves the point further was how poor the final product was.  It's hard to even sit through the clip, let alone understand its point.  Maybe that's why borough council fails to utilize it in any meaningful way.  In my opinion, Media's local officials perpetuated a knowingly shady project because they didn't have the courage to speak up and stop it, or were too arrogant to think they had to.

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