Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can We Make Media a More Bike Friendly Town? Heck, Yeah We Can!

It's awesome to see people get involved in the community and when inspiration takes hold great things WILL happen.  The Media Rotary club will be hosting a Quizzo's event on July 17th at Generations Restaurant to raise funds for a community bike rack here in Media.  

I hear a lot of people talk about bike friendless, so here's your chance to get involved.  Imagine the difference we can make by having more people ditch the car and take their trusty bike to town. That's something we can agree would be good for everyone.  Stop by, make an appearance and discover the possibilities this town can achieve when we work together. 

A BIG THANKS to the great folks at the Media Rotary for taking the initiative and interest in our town!



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