Sunday, August 18, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

I was on the road this weekend and wasn't able get to Media in Two minutes in the way I normally do.  After a few texts wondering where it was, I've pulled out the laptop to fulfill the wishes of the faithful readers.  Thank you, I'm flattered.

Ok, let's go!

The Mousetrap
People here love to take a walk down memory lane, and truth be told, so do I.  This week there were a few comments on the historic Trilogy that included the former bars located where Hills Seafood is now.  Ok, so here ya go, the lineup - The Roman Coin, The Mouse Trap and the last of the group, the Fifth Gear.  The "Gear," from what I hear was lost to a fire many years ago.  

This was way before my time, so I'm just going on stories people have told me.

Who Steals a Man's BBQ Smoker?
I've not heard anything further on the BBQ smoker from Jack's Bar.  But seriously?  Who steals something like this in broad daylight?   Doing something like that down in Texas could cost a person their life.

West Goshen ranks 10th Best Town in America.  Where's Media?
No disrespect to the great township of West Goshen, but how did they make CNN Money's list of best towns to live in when Media wasn't even mentioned?  Get this, West Goshen was ranked 25th in 2011 and 10th in 2013.
Media can make this list!

Media's has DUTS, great schools, state champions, a walkable community, music festivals and even a trolley running down a main street!  Are you kidding me, I'll put up Media against West Goshen any day!  Not even a nod or honorable mention? That's unacceptable and something I have every intention to bring awareness to.  Stay tuned.....

American Muscle Car Show at DCCC
I think the Media Business Authority missed an opportunity.  Last weekend the biggest Ford Mustang show in the Northeast was held at the Delaware County Community College.  I had a chance to drop by and there were thousands of people there from NY, MD, NJ, DE and beyond. 

With all these people in close proximity to Media, they could have had a promotional campaign to bring some of these crowds into Media.  The show ended at 5pm on Sunday and would have been great for the Media dinner scene that evening.  Unfortunately, the $20,000 the Mayor spend on a infomercial, could have been much better utilized for this town.

In Recognition of the Great People of Media and Their Generosity!
Bevan's Candy at CityTeam Fundraiser!
Last week I was invited to the CityTeam fundraiser being held out in Upper Providence.  Among the many generous donors, I was thrilled to see the great generosity of Media's own Bevan's candy stepping up and being part of the program. I caught up with Randy Bevan's and found he has another hit on his hands with their sea salt caramel chocolates.  A big draw at the event.

Also Earth and State had helped out with displays and I think I saw Fellini's and a few others.  Nice Job, everyone!  Especially, to Media Real Estate who I know are very humble when it comes to charity, but are one of the biggest contributing organizations out there.


  1. Stop telling people how great Media is...
    it's hard enough to park now

  2. Chester was the greatest. Hard to believe now.

  3. Look around at all the wonderful things Media has to offer. Really, it's not that hard to park if you put some effort into it.

  4. The more cars you keep out to Media, the more the FROGS will love it.

    1. Huh? "keep out to Media"?