Sunday, August 25, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

I'd like to take a quick minute to recognize the efforts of the group (Media Rotary and DCTMA) that put together the program that allowed for the installation of three new bike racks in Media.  I believe two are up, with the other to be done shortly, if it hasn't been already.  Here's what I like:  They took the initiative and time to see an idea through, while including the help of people that were interested in the cause.  That's one heck of a community model for effectiveness.

Ok, Let's GO!

Media VFW Buffet Breakfast TODAY!
I must admit, I did have fun last month helping make omelets, but I didn't  expect to be brought back this soon.  Anyway, they gave me a call and asked if I could help out.  I got a lot of things going on right now, but to help the vets; sure, I'll do it.

Hope to see you there.  At something like $8, it's all you can eat and one of the best family values around.

House for Dinner!
Lunch, brunch and now dinner?  Geez, I know they just moved into a new building and everything, but I think we're going to need a bigger House already.  Can't wait to give this a try now that House is serving dinners!

Where's the Best Table in Media?
I like space and a lot of it.  That may not mean much when you're hungry, but if you do a lot of entertaining and want the right level of atmosphere and dining experience, I have to say that the main table (Chef's table) at Spasso's is your best bet in Media.  Especially, if you get it later in the evening for apps and desserts.  The wine selection is quite good too. Spasso's, keep up the good work!

Double Decker Pizza.......On Deck!
Coming Soon - Double Decker Pizza!

I was quite surprised when I took a look at the progress they are making for Media's next pizza experience, which I hear has quite a following already.  Honestly, I thought this was like any pizzeria, you've seen one, you've seen them all, right?. Not Double Decker though, they have quite an interesting interior decor that gives this place a neat flair.  Sorta like and industrial decco style (think Chipotle Grille doing pizza).  

Media's Newest Hotel is in Springfield
Room setup at Springfield Hotel
Well, for the lack of anything better, here's Media's newest hotel.....located in Springfield.  Looks like they may be just days away from their grand opening. Wow, that was quick!  Here's their facebook page you can visit to get the most updated information. 

Someone should think about running a shuttle bus from the hotel to Media on the weekends and maybe Wednesday evenings.  Or maybe transportation to and from the Springfield trolley and the hotel.  

GRM Done Deal?  Sounds like it.
The deal for the mall from what I hear is almost wrapped up.  There's formalities yet to be worked out, but I have a decent level of confidence that this mall has been purchased based on the channels and levels things are now progressing at.  It looks like it'll remain a retail driven property.

I would expect news about this soon, but if this group is making a massive commitment to the rebirth of mall retail, I hope they have plans for a huge makeover.  The current "Granite Run Mall," brand seems damaged beyond repair.

Rose Tree Reserve
This project looks to be picking up speed. They have a small portion of the entrance cleared and a pad set for what looks like a management or sales trailer setup.  A lot of smaller development project in the area have been stalled due to financing, but this one looks to be proceeding.

Another Great Year for Rose Tree Park
A special thanks to Delaware County for yet another fantastic Summer of music a Rose Tree Park.  The series concluded last week.


  1. Media already has two hotels, the hip Providence and the sought-after Raven. Huh, these other communities are just jealous.

  2. Cornell Homes, which was developing Rose Tree Reserve was recently sold to a national builder. That may be contributing to the delay.

  3. I went to the opening night for dinner at house. It was awesome. Chef Michael is the best in Media. (with apologies to Jason at Desert Rose, who is awesome.) We tried practically everything on the menu and it was fantastic. It was like Michael was taking a walk down State Street and took the best food from every restaurant and made it better than they could.

  4. Why is it that the Borough's website lists three vacancies on the MBA while the MBA's website makes it appear that the volunteer positions on the MBA are fully staffed? Left hand, meet right hand...

  5. The Unity Day celebration is happening this Saturday, 8/31, at Sapovitz park in South Media. 5 local bands and a children's dance team will entertain the crowd throughout the day. It officially runs noon-dusk, but the crowd usually gets strong around mid-afternoon. Free food and moon bounce activities for children.

  6. Newly formed Friends of Houtman Park (FoHP) invites everyone, especially people who care about Media to check out (& 'LIKE')their new Facebook Page! HAPPY Labor Day weekend!! ~8)

  7. Michael Jordan, MediaAugust 30, 2013 at 4:16 PM

    Subway opening at Granite Run Mall tomorrow, Aug 31. Good news.

  8. Patrick, Sounds like a good thing and I will be sure to check it out.
    I hate to have to ask but are you associated with the FROGS ? While they do good work for GPP they are not the type of group I want to get involved with becasue of their ulterior motives. In any case, keep up the good work and hopefully I will be able to help out in the future. Good Luck