Sunday, September 22, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Media Two Minutes

A lot of appreciation and Thanks today, so let's get started.

Best Dinner in Town!  Thanks Campbell AME Church of Media
I hope a lot of you were able to try our last night's dinner by Campbell AME Church.  For $10, it was the best deal in town and went to a great cause.  I had the smoked chicken which was stellar.  Ribs sold out early, so I asked the great folks there if we could do this again next weekend and every weekend.  I didn't take the laughter that ensued as a confirmation, but they do a great job and I'll be back.  Thanks!

Penncrest Goes 4-0!
Penncrest Football is getting exciting!  It's the first time since 1981 that the lions have had this kind of start and it's getting a lot of attention.  Next Friday (7pm) they take on Springfield at home.

People have been asking about Penncrest Football apparel.  I know their website is a bit sparse when it comes to this stuff, but I'll see if we can get sweatshirts, hats and such.  I have a call in to get more information.

Movie Review?

I don't do movie review since it doens't fit the format for this blog and I usually can't sit still long enough to watch one.  However, I did see a movie this weekend call "Undefeated" which was one of the best I've ever seen.  Your can read more about it here and it's available on Netflix. 

Sports Radio Coming to Media!
I'm very interested to see how this will be received.  Tomorrow there will be a live broadcast of a sports radio show here in Media done by locals.  I love the idea and know the host very well.  He's a very witty guy and I think even professionally trained in this format.  He recently finished as a finalist for one of the Philly sport radio contests, so he's got ability.

It'll be a Ustream live show with an option to take calls from the audience. I've asked that they cover Penncrest and some of the local teams, though they'll mostly cover Philly sports.  I'll post a link on this site for people who want to check it out.

It's not a hotel, it's more like a resort!
Yesterday I was given a tour of the brand new Courtyard Marriot Inn located next to the Springfield Country Club.  It didn't feel like a hotel, it felt like a full blown resort.  I did a whole wriite-up about it that I'll post later.  In the meantime, check out the delcotimes article.

I was surprised to have been asked by one person as to why Media never built the proposed hotel here.   I didn't provide a very concise answer, but there is a profound difference as to what happened in Media compared to Springfield.  And I think the difference comes down to this quote: 
Burns cuts the ribbon today on a project that took vision, planning, tweaking and a “perfect partnership” between public government and private enterprise. It came to fruition 15 months after the initial approval by commissioners of a land lease for the township-owned property to Burns as the owner and developer. Actual construction was less than a year.
“We took about an acre of dirt that was unused and turned it into a facility that will bring the township millions. And there were no taxpayers dollars used,” Burns said. “We are all really proud of what we’ve done.”
Media, outside this borough we have communites achieving great things, because they are involved, committed and working together.  For us, we have a borough council and mayor that can't even figure how to get a bridge fixed after 18 years.  With council members who have served multiple terms, they still can't solve this issue even when they were given the money to do it.  It's gotten so bad with this group that last Thursday had to take a vote on when a letter should be mailed out to elected officials over the Septa funding situation.



  1. Angry with this council!

  2. Dude... I think you've been outsmarted in the whole bridge thing. The appearance of an inability to resolve it is really just an attempt to prevent anything from changing. And it's working...