Friday, October 18, 2013

Former Gov. Ed Rendell was in Media today to help support the financing for Septa's Media/Elwyn Line

Ed Rendell was in Media today on the courthouse steps expressing the need to support the PA transportation bill that includes financing for the Septa Media/Elwyn Line.  He went on to say the we have the votes for this passage.  However, just don't sit back just yet.  Make sure you contact you local legislatures to let them know how vital this line is for Media and the surrounding community.


  1. In a related story Rendell called for an end to salt trucks due to people being wusses about snow and no fewer than 4 eateries in Media experienced record sales. When asked for comment, Rendell was seen speeding off at 100 mph on Baltimore Pike to reach Dunkin Donuts in time to get the last froster crueler.

    I'm glad Rendell is behind this effort, but we thankfully have better Democrats out there these days.

  2. Is he running for office AGAIN? Fast Eddie sure knows how to stay in the headlines.