Monday, October 28, 2013

Important Updates on the RT. 252 Project in Upper Prov. New street light coming too.

New Signal for Crum Creek, Rose Tree, State Rd. Intersection
Good local government includes good communication, which is not something we see here in Media.   However, here's a site being updated by Upper Providence Council Chairman, Joe Solomon on the latest developments regarding the Rt. 252 project.  This site also includes an area for comments should you have questions about individual matters pertaining to this work.

In addition, the website states that the intersection combining Rose Tree, Crum Creek and State roads will be getting a much needed traffic signal in 2014.  This is being provide by the developers who recently completed the construction of the new homes East of Crum Creek.


  1. Do you mean Bentley Builders who did the development on Old Marple Rd? I live on Crum Creek Rd, a couple houses away from this intersection, and have never heard of East Crum Creek rd.

  2. Yes, that is correct, Old Marple Rd. Sorry for the confusion.

    1. This is wonderful to hear!. This intersection has become increasingly busy and sometimes dangerous in the last couple years!. I wish I lived in Media, I would vote for you! I love your website! Very informative. I have lived in this area for well over a decade and feel like I have gained more insight to "our town" in the last couple months than I have the entire time I have live here. Keep up the good work. A UP resident!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my website, Ted. I'm trying to send out updates on the Route 252 project, as well as related activities on the nearby roadways. I sent out an update about a week ago with some news on the "pain-in-the-butt" to many "Gradyville Bridge". Seems like we may have that opened sooner than later. Other news coming soon on other issues. If you would allow me some space, I would also like to share some of my own thoughts on the coming election. As an FYI, my website is: Good job and good luck!

  4. THANK YOU for posting that link! I've been searching for that kind of detail for weeks now! And double THANK YOU to Joe Solomon for posting it. Timely info on construction projects could be such a powerful tool to minimize the frustration of commuters, but for most projects it's so hard to come by.