Sunday, October 27, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Dear Reader,

If you live in Media Borough, on November 5th you can elect a real leader for Mayor who will take the time and commitment to make Media the best it can be.  I've written over 1,400 posts and heard thousands of comments of what's important to this town.  When residents and businesses didn't have information or answers to important issues, I went looking for them to share with the community no matter what the circumstances were.  

Community Involvement Matters!
On the eve of the year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, I want to let people know that Media Borough website was so ill prepared to deal with the event, that people came to this site for help and direction.  This isn't some corporate site I run, it's just me with a bunch of computers and an iphone, but I knew it necessary to keep a line of communication open so people could interact about the storm.  It wasn't so much what I could do, but a place where people could discuss and hear updates that they wouldn't get otherwise from this borough. This week I'm writing a piece this week on why your safety may come down to who you choose for mayor based on a very serious matter that occurred in 2011.

If Mayor McMahon doesn't feel the need to relate with this community, than I'll share mine.  Here's an example of what I was doing during last year's hurricane.

Thanks for reading.  I'll be campaigning in town today so I hope to talk to voters one-on-one.  If anyone would like a sign for their lawn, I have them too.

Tedman O'Hara
Candidate for Mayor of Media


Last Sunday of the Month - Breakfast at Media's VFW Today!
If you haven't given this a try, it's a pretty good deal, as is the food.  The last Sunday of every month Media's VFW holds a family style buffet down at their facility located on 11 Hilltop Road.

Halloween in Media Pa

This is a fun time of year and nothing gets the town into the Fall spirit than a great Halloween parade.  There was a big turn out for this event yesterday that marks its 49th anniversary.  There were also quite a few costume parties in and around town too.  Thanks for the consideration to have me judge one of these event, but of the few hours I do sleep, 11:30pm is one of them. Send me a picture I'll be happy to post it.

Media's ThunderBird Dinner
I want to thank the organizers, the Media Youth Center and the Gross' for another fine event that raises money for one of the oldest establishments around -The Media Youth Center.  This has been going on since 1958 and I can only imagine how much money this effort has raised over the years.  A million dollars?  Probably more.  I'm not only impressed, but in awe of the commitment and resilience of the Gross family.  Thank you for your support and impact on the youth of this town.  I not only say that as a resident, but one who went and played at the Youth Club as a kid.

Franklin Mint vs. Granite Run Mall vs. Media
I have no idea what to expect of the now restarted project to develop the Franklin Mint site, but I do know this is another group with deep pockets and a track record of making popular properties.  They are also actively seeking tenants for this current effort.  I was out there yesterday, so I'm not sure what'll happen to the Wawa site that is currently occupying office space on the property.  Perhaps they'll stay and move into one of the newer office buildings that is expected to be built.

State Street - New Stores Come and Go
Penncrest vs Ridley 2013
Yes, there will be what looks like a soccer store coming to State Street in the same location that once was Sassy Girl.  As for stores or restaurants that close, I don't share the name of the business if I'm told in advance or find out otherwise.  I figure these businesses can let the community know when they're ready.

Penncrest Football goes to 7-2
Ridley is still one tough football team, I know it, as I also played them at Penncrest.  In fact, my last career football game was against them at Penncrest in the snow.  Friday's night game had a great attendance and I'm glad I could make it.  The season is not over yet, but I've truly enjoyed seeing the community rally around this team.  Nice Job, Penncrest!

If you don't know Dave Daniel, you will Tuesday!
Dave wrote me an email on Friday asking if he could write an important message he wanted readers of ATM to see.  When I read his letter, I thought to myself that he's made more sense about what's going in this area than anyone I've seen before.  I think you're going to like what he as to say.  Stop by on Tuesday morning. 

What's going on with the Third Street Bridge?
I'd like to know, because I had a conversation with a figure whom I'd call a very influential democratic party member here in Media who asked why couldn't it be built to a two way lane specification and allow for one-way traffic? Now, unless I totally got that wrong, and I mention that because this is bizarre; this is a deal BLCC has been interested in sometime and may have even proposed the same configuration themselves! 

18 years, wasted taxpayer money and apparently, Media Borough Council are the last ones to know what's going on a multi-million dollar project?  Truthfully, this whole situation could be wrapped up in 18 minutes if this council cared about the community and not their own personal agendas.  WOW!


  1. Thanks again for the great updates! You always provide Media residents with updated and relevant information. Keep up the great work; I love knowing what's going on in my town!

  2. One-way traffic with the flexibility to allow two-way traffic in the future was exactly what Borough Council voted for in September, 2012. It's right there in the meeting minutes for that month. The swim club rejected this solution and filed legal papers to force the borough to build a road for two-way traffic. The court disagreed with the swim club, and the swim club appealed the court's decision. The swim club later said it would agree to one-way traffic if the borough would agree to be responsible not only for the road across the dam, but for the dam itself. Borough Council wisely rejected the idea of saddling Media's residents with dam ownership.

    All along, this has been about ownership of a dam. Dams are expensive to build, maintain, and replace. The swim club has refused to admit that it, along with Delaware County, are co-owners of the dam. That's why this project hasn't happened. If the club had accepted what the deeds show - that they are owners, not Media Borough and its residents - the dam would have been replaced years ago. BTW, there is no "Third Street Bridge". Anyone who looks at it will see that it's a dam. People who call it a "bridge" are trying to avoid the real question - who owns the dam?

    1. All that jabbering above ignores the fact that the three parties came to a settlement despite the ownership issue, of course. Then the FROGS got their people on council...

    2. And your jabbering ignores the results of the last Borough Council election and most recent Borough Council Primary.

    3. Yet still a settlement was made. Don't be bitter.

  3. Since the majority of the community is comfortable not replacing the dam and BLCC is okay with one way and PaDOT said the funding could pay for that, shouldn't we be getting an estimate for a small bridge?

    1. Yes, a small bridge, but not a dam of any size. Actually, a large bridge over a culvert would keep everyone happy...and yeah, put some pedestrian space up there. PennDOT ((who's paying) and the DEP (who's sick of the dam headaches) would certainly not object.....

    2. Such bridge would not be small and would likely be fully owned and maintained by the borough as it would carry a borough street. Not something borough taxpayers likely want. A culvert would look similar to the dam option, though with no pond up stream.

    3. A culvert would not look like the dam because tress would be allowed to grow and it wouldn't have WARNING: High Hazard Dam signs. Maybe neighboring municipality would like to share ownership of road/ridge. Or project could be even more modest without need for costly maintenance.

  4. The results of the election are only an indication of the D majority in the Borough and have little to do with substantive issues.

    1. Anon 7:19 you mean like the county?

  5. Anon 719 here: yes, very similar. No argument.