Friday, October 25, 2013

New Store Coming to State Street

It looks like some type of soccer sporting goods store will be setting up shop at the former Sassy Girl location at 300 W. State Street.  The windows are taped up, but where they aren't, they have interesting flatscreen TV's running soccer videos and clips from games. 

Not since the famous Bill Battey's, has Media had any thing close to an athletics store.  No word yet on what exactly this store will provide, but looks like they are making pretty good progress for a soon to be announced opening.


  1. What about the Trader Joe's development and the new coffee shop that this site trumpeted several months ago? There have never been any updates about that. Sounded like some interesting hype but I hope it was more than that. Can we get some more info on that?

  2. It would be great to see if they could cross promote with one of the local pubs (Sligo peharps) to organize some events in conjunction with soccer matches. Union, US National Team, EPL, Champions League, and ultimately the World Cup. While I don't enjoy soccer as much as our Football, I do enjoy checking out soccer games. Establishing Media as the go to destination in the suburbs for big soccer matches could pump some additional revenue into the town. Plus if one wanted to get some fan gear for their favorite teams, they could stop in this new store.

  3. Will they be selling unaffordable fair- trade soccer balls?