Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Media Election Wrap Up!


I want to thank everyone who came out and supported me yesterday, however, I was unsuccessful in my bid for Mayor of Media. The last few months were not only a great experience, but enabled me to interact with the community that's a unique experience you only get from doing something like this. Despite the outcome it was and continues to be very rewarding involvement.
Congratulations to the democratic candidates who did work hard on their door-to-door efforts and getting the vote out. I sincerely wish them well on their endeavors to make Media the best place it can be.


Tedman O'Hara


  1. A lively and active campaign that brings a lot of voters to the polls is always a good thing. I'm looking forward to the All Things Media Blog continuing to function as one aspect of discussion of the goings on in our town. In spite of my disagreement with the POV on a lot of issues here, I'm happy to see journalism flourish in many forms.

  2. Yellow dogs, yellow dogs everywhere, since '81.

  3. The biggest win for the R party is keeping Frank Daly out to the courthouse.

    1. I thought he was already a judge.

  4. Tedman, Hats off to you for running a solid campaign, being the ONLY voice in Media keeping us informed, and most of all, for being a class act. McMahon would be wise to follow your lead. He needs to worry less about photo ops, parades and shameless self-promotion and focus on the issues that impact us as residents, business owners and visitors.

  5. Michael Jordan, MediaNovember 6, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    Congrats to Mayor Bob McMahon, mayor for life. Tedman, your day will come. 500+ votes, pretty good showing.

  6. skate park now

  7. Ted, i LOOOVE your posts. I never knew or learned so much about the town i live in. I think you will make a great (the best, jerry, the best!) mayor and i hope you will run next time. KG