Sunday, November 10, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Let's Talk Turkey!

Dear Reader,

Before we get into Media in Two Minutes, and there seems to be a lot going on this week; I wanted to take some time to talk about an effort I'm currently working on with the Media Food Bank.  Two weeks ago I was at an event where I was told that the people who rely on the food bank had asked if there was anyway they could receive turkey's this year for Thanksgiving.  The food bank has not been able to provide them in years.

I spoke to Paul at the food bank yesterday and we are trying to buy 100 frozen turkey's for these families.  If anyone would like to contribute time, commercial freezer space or a donation; please let me know.  I'll be talking to a lot of people and businesses over the week.  I'll provide a specific post about this later today, but please consider helping out.  Even a $5 check helps!

Checks payable to: 
First United Methodist Churchmemo - Media Food Bank 
mailed to 128 E Sixth St. Media, PA 19063



Sligo Has A New Menu
With a new chef comes a new menu and Sligo now has both.  How good could an award winning chef be?  Check it out yourselves, you wont' be disappointed.  With the social season coming up, Sligo's has a GREAT room upstairs that caters to all kinds of events. 

This place is an area favorite for Guinness and oysters.

Say it Ain't So D'Ignazio's Towne House
There are very few things you can rely on in this world and that list unfortunately continues to dwindle.  As long as I can remember the Stag Room at the Towne House ALWAYS had complimentary cheese and crackers at the bar.  I didn't always eat them, but did find it to be a nice touch among the many this iconic restaurant has.  However, this week I learned that there are no more trays of cheese and crackers and haven't been for some time.   Rest assured you can still have peanuts (shells on floor) and popcorn. 

No one's slinging Pol Roger jeroboams around here, but if you do like French sparkling wine (not from the Champagne region) the Towne House has a very good one by the glass.  It's cheaper than their house wines, but very good.

The Best Deal in Town for Breakfast - Fast and Fancy
If anyone in Media can beat the weekly breakfast specials that Fast and Fancy has, the floor is yours!  With a daily $3.95 and $4.95 breakfast menu, you can't go wrong.  I'm talking omelets and pancakes/french toast........the works.  They have good deals on the weekends too.  Make sure you save me a seat, there was a line out the door last Sunday!

They are located in the Media Mall on State Street.

Campaign Lawn Signs
A point of contention for many in the borough, though looks like everyone did a good job with taking down their political lawn signs in borough.

Posting on ATM
I'm not sure how long Transition Town Media has been around, but when I started this blog 4 years ago they always asked if I could post their flyers.  I was thrilled back when only a few people visited ATM.  I've never forgotten that and have always taken the time to help Sari out with her effort.  If you have something you'd like the community to know about, I'll consider posting it.  

Here Comes Rose Tree Reserve
Things continue to pickup for the housing development that is being build near the Media bypass in Middletown.  I have no idea how long it'll take to complete the 112 luxury townhomes, but I would image they can do it quite quickly these days.  Spring 2014?
112 luxury town homes coming to the outskirts of Media - Rose Tree Reserve on Baltimore Pike
Media Area Oldtimer's Celebrate 50th Anniversary
One of my all time favorite events because it encompasses what the essence of Media truly is.  If I asked people what the ethos of this town is, they would probably say, "well, it's everybody's home town."  That's partially true, but the reason behind that categoriztion is this: Media's core value has always been the welcoming and inclusion of others.  Essentially, people in Media look out for one another and this Oldtimer's event exemplifies based on the respect we have for each other and the appreciation of where we grew up.

Governor Corbett Visits Media, PA
Gov. Corbett at Media Towne House Restaurant
There were a lot of people that wanted to see Governor Corbett when he visited Media on Friday, but with a tight schedule, taking a walk down State Street wasn't on the agenda.  It would have been great if it were, as I like Tom Corbett.  I've met him a few times and I can see how he's perceived as a bit stiff, but that may be because he values being a leader more than being a slick politician.  Creating a 141,000 jobs in Pennsylvania is impressive, but what really stands out to me is the help he provided to save the refineries and jobs along the Delaware River here in Delco.  

Used Cars Come to Media

Don't know Spanky or Franky but they are here in Media now selling automobiles on the west side of Baltimore Ave.  At one time Media had one of the first Subaru dealerships in the country that was owned and operated by Bob Carl.

I always thought the earlier Subura station wagons were neat, but what really stood out as a concept vehicle was the Subaru Brat.  Remeber the seats that came in the back?  Don't think I could fit in one of those now.  I mean the driver's seat. 

Christmas Decorations in Media
I try to tell each and every business how much it is appreciated that they decorate for the Christmas Holiday.  I know it's extra work and some may not feel it's really appreciated, but let me tell you IT IS!  Great job here by Deja Vu Salon on State Street!  Thanks!
Doesn't this look Great?



  1. Sorry to hear the Towne House is no longer putting the cheese out ... that was one thing you could always count on when having a cocktail at the bar while waiting for a table ... SAD !!!

  2. please make the townhouse just go away...such prime real estate....I am sure it was a great thing a long time ago...but that was then....this is now.

    1. Really? There are a lot of options for dining in town. I don't see a need to cheerlead Townhouse into closure. Sure, they waste a lot of space hosting Republican fundraisers. Sure, they also had a moronic hostess complain to me that the state's indoor smoking ban was taking away their rights.

      In spite of all of that its a nice historic place that holds a lot of memories for a lot of people. There are other options in town if you don't like it. I don't go there that much, but I'm happy the place is there.

  3. Always good ino here. Thank you!