Sunday, November 24, 2013

Media in Two Minutes


A special thanks to everyone who helped out with this year's turkey drive for the Media food bank. Through your generous donations we were able to deliver 37 turkeys yesterday, among the cheers from those waiting in line to get into the food bank.  With 57 delivered by the Nativity Youth Group and those who were dropping off turkeys individually, I think we may have collectively reached 100 turkeys.  That's just awesome, everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Decorations
Great to see Media putting up Christmas decorations throughout the town.  Yesterday they were hard at working getting the lights ready on Veteran's Square.  This will be the venue for Santa's Arrival and Festival of Lights at the courthouse scheduled for Friday 11/29 at 5pm.  Unlike last year, when the lights are turned on Friday, people will actually see something happen.

There was a group interested in contributing $5,000 to make this year's Arrival of Santa in Media a BIG festival.  These folks market some pretty big events and specialize in travel and tourism. Unfortunately, other than Councilwoman, Monika Rehoric they aren't too interested in dealing with Media Borough Council.  Who is these days?  Oh, well!

Media CASA
You most likely don't know what CASA is or what they do.  For many years I didn't either until I was invited to their annual gala and found that they are not only located in Media, but are doing some of the most important work for our communities.  CASA is the Court Appointed Special Advocates who look out for the best interests of abused and neglected children who are involved in the family courts.  It's serious stuff, and this group deserves all the credit in the world.  If you have time, think about becoming a volunteer for this AMAZING effort.

Thanks for the invite last night! It's one of my favorite events.

Sun Center Studio May Be A Bigger Deal Than You Think!
On Wednesday I was at an event in Philadelphia that drew a lot of industry leaders from the entertainment and broadcast industries.  It wasn't so much what the event was about, but what was said afterwards that really piqued my interest.  Upon closing remarks, the chairman of the company hosting the event wanted the guests to know that there was some exciting news to be released shortly on a very big project that included a studio and entertainment facility.
This is about to get BIG!

I'm not going to go into further details, nor will I say Delaware County will erect a sign on I-95 to the effect of HOLLYWOOD 2, but this could get real interesting.  Fear not,  I've made sure that the folks I was among clearly understood that Media PA makes for a great filming back drop and that it be considered for any such role.  How's this sound? Media makes the Media?

That Smell?
Not sure if there was a problem with the sewage treament plant on Ridley Creek Road this week, or what; but it sure didn't smell too good Tuesday and Wednesday down of the SW side of town. Especially by W. Franklin Street and down by the Media train station.

Tom Killion Delivers on The PA Transportation Bill 
We've been talking about this for weeks, but last Thursday a breakthrough was made on the SEPTA funding that was included in the PA Transportation Bill that will be signed by Governor Tom Corbett on Monday.  I spoke to Tom Killion on Saturday who told me there were quite a few terse discussion leading up to the passage, but it eventually got done.  I'd like to thank Tom for all that he did for his district, including Media; that allowed for public transportation to keep moving.  As illustrated by his comments on the house floor, it would have been a disaster to have had potentially thousands of more cars on the roads due to the threatened closure of the Media/Elwyn Line.

BIG Night in Media, PA
You won't find it on any event calendar, nor does it have an official name, but Wednesday marks the biggest night in Media with the arrival of friends, family and college students home for Thanksgiving.  I think it's still Media's best night for the bars and restaurants and for different reasons, the Media Police too.   Let me know how it goes. And make sure to tip your waitresses and bartenders.

If you don't know where Media's Stag Bar is, you should. Truthfully, you may have been there only to know it by the "bar" in D'Ignazio's Towne House.  If you want to kick-off the Holidays in true fashion, but want to get away from the crowds and rowdiness, this is a cozy place to go.

Despite what was done at Thursday's borough council meetings, there's no news here.  In fact, it's playing out as I've been telling people it would.  Last week there was a unamimous vote 7-0 supporing Wawa's preliminary plan, but that really means nothing until the details are worked out over the traffic situation.  Those details may just be the deal breaker for Wawa, even though those issues will have to be dealt with by Media sooner or later.

In my opinion, everyone at this point is fed up and will probably leave.  Media borough council will deflect all responsibility by saying they fully supported the preliminary plan, but it's Wawa's fault because they didn't see it through.  See how this works?

As mentioned earlier, who in their right mind would want to have to deal with Media's anti-business shenanigans perpetuated my Media Borough Council? I'm looking at you Hampton Inn, but they already knew this. 


  1. Always so bitter. And NO, filming on, say, State St would make life hellish for residents. We don't want fame and I think we'd take the reasons we live here in the first place over a few dollars. _VM

    1. No filming on State Street!!!! where were you when Council blew 20 thousand dollars for a promotional video hardly anyone has ever seen.
      keep up the good work morons

    2. Council did not "blow" $20,000. The expense of the video was shared by (Republican) Delaware County and RTMSD. And the proposal wasn't last minute and interruptive to parking and shopping. Let it go ......

  2. Thanks to Tom Killion for raising our gas tax 28 cents over the next 5 years to become one of the highest gas taxes in the country. Tough luck for those stations near the PA/DE border. I'll be buying my gas in DE on my trips to buy tax-free items.

  3. Is it true they are paying for the transportation bill partially with a huge gasoline tax which will filter to the pumps? Anybody know?

  4. This is an awful bill. 28.5 cent/gallon tax hike on gas and a 39 cent/gallon hike on diesel. Why am I continuing to subsidize public transportation when I do not use it. Septa cannot run efficiently and because of that we keep bailing them out. This is simply a transfer payment money laundering scheme that goes to the unions, continued fear-mongering on part of our "elected" representatives, and a huge tax burden on the residents of PA. Yes, our roads are bridges are crumbling. But why do we have to wait 4-5 years to begin repairing them? Start now with the money the treasury already has (we do have one of the highest existing gas taxes before the passing of this bill) and PRIORITIZE what needs to be repaired just like any good running private entity would do. But of course this is just another classic example of how government cannot run anything nor do it efficiently. Let's fix our roads are bridges with the tax income that the state currently receives and prioritize the projects based on a need based scale. And as far as using this taxing bill to subsidize Septa, let the users who ride Septa pay for it. This is madness. Enough. Hoping there is a primary challenger for Killion and Pileggi so we can oust these "conservatives."

    1. If Septa is lacking in efficiency in any way it's BECAUSE they are not receiving enough funding. Actually, recently Septa was picked as the best major mass transit system in the country. Their efficiency is pretty good but the system could be so much better with more dough. For example, have you been to the city hall station lately (I'm betting not), welp, it's a complete joke, totally un-state-of-the-art. If anything, they should be doing more capital improvements, not starving it more. They're talking about extending the Broad Street Line, bring it on. Places like France and Japan have the best public transportation in the world. What do you have against having some sophistication? In regards to the union issue, even if somehow this transportation funding finds its way to the union workers, I don't have a problem with that, I mean what do you want, these drivers to be $9/hour yingyangs? Then you'd really see some inefficiency.

  5. JM - I'm not at all happy about a potential hike of that magnitude at the pump. But that is not what the bill is. Either you fell for the ultra conservative propaganda or you knowingly are perpetuating a disingenuous exaggeration. And you're analysis of SEPTA, while true with regard to the subsidization of mass transit, fails to acknowledge the crucial role it plays in our State's economy, not to mention the lack of highway capacity for all those folks who would be driving. It's not the best model, but it's all we have.

    1. I did not "fall" for any propaganda. I hold true to my core principles. Septa should run itself with its own capital. Let the motorists keep their money. Not to mention how this is going to drive up food costs. I work in the energy field and know how this tax will hit the consumer. More money goes into the hands of a government who can't manage it, while taking disposable income away from PA residents. Again, let's pay for the repairing of roads and bridges with current streams of income. Prioritize what needs fixed and do it. Let's not make this complicated. You know where I stand on this. Where do you stand?

    2. It should be pointed out that "motorists", the largest of which are commercial in nature, get to drive on "free" roads that are provided by the state; SEPTA has to maintain its own track and facilities, so much of that funding is very similar to providing "free" roads for "motorists" to drive on. Has anyone considered that if we weren't moving around all those people on trains that we'd need more roadway capacity for time of maximum utilization(rush hour)??

  6. I do not use the septa system anymore, but I do know that it is crucial for this area. I used it to get to my job in center city for years. It is the most efficient and cheapest way to travel there. Not having it would be a disaster. I do not like the idea of a gas tax, our is already the highest, but the alternative in not palatable either

  7. So people in Philadelphia or users of mass transit should not pay taxes on roads they do not drive on?Or pay for park service for parks we do not visit? Old Mcdonald with the usual conservative blather.Gas tax of 12 cents us eliminated reolaces with a. Taxon ALL wholesale price.

  8. Of course let us not forget all the so called tax breaks big oil get so we can basically subsidize them while they make outrageous profits.But conservatives dare NEVER challenge them.Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way to Delaware..Shop Media !

    1. I agree with the shopping in Media part. BTW, why is everyone making anonymous posts?

  9. They should have taken the group up on the offer of $5000 for Santa's arrival. I felt like it was a total mess this year. Seemed haphazard and poorly planned. From the random Star Wars guys wandering around to the fact that no one knew where the heck Santa went after he showed up on the firetruck (we found him at the fire station with absolutely no one in line waiting for him since no one knew where he went) and how you could barely hear what was being said on the microphone and even though they put lights on by the courthouse this year, they failed to go on at first try and were underwhelming when they did go on. Bring Santa back to State street and get this festive occasion a little more organized!