Friday, December 13, 2013

First Responders - Media Emergencies Don't Take Snow Days

When we get into the winter weather season here in Media, Pa we always have those who comment on the snow removal from the streets and public areas.  With two storms this week, I think the Media Highway Department did a pretty good job, but then again I drive a 4x4 truck which makes the situation a lot easier from my stand point.
Emergencies Don't Take Snow Days!

This week I did receive an email from a first responder who was concerned about the icy roads in Media he had to travel over to get to an emergency last Tuesday night.  The roads were quite treacherous that evening as the snow and slush quickly froze by the evening hours, after having been just mostly wet in the afternoon.  Was there enough salt applied?  This person explained that Upper Providence was in much better shape than Media was and he wanted to know why.  I don't have that answer.

Both Baltimore Ave and N. Orange Blocked due to Sunday's Snow
Nobody expects the streets to be perfectly cleared hours after a snow storm, but I think this is fair and constructive feedback from those whose job it is to respond to emergencies in the borough.  It also illustrates how important it is to have ALL our roads open, including Third Street!  During Sunday's snow storm cars were stranded on N. Orange going into Media and Baltimore Avenue heading out of town was at a stand still. 

I'll keep an eye on this throughout the winter season.  Thanks to all our first responders(Police/Fire/Medical) who keep us safe around the clock.  No matter the circumstance or weather, we appreciate your service! 




  1. I can't believe I'm even dignifying this with a response, but here it goes. Comparing roads in these two municipalities is like comparing apples and oranges. The density of cars and limited width of the roads in the borough certainly makes winter weather operations more challenging. Even if you clear the snow to the curb, you'll still have standing water and slush that will refreeze no matter how much salt you spread. So, even if you think the township is doing a better job than it used to, it just may be that they are.... and it just may be that the borough hasn't changed one bit. Same steady performance compared to improvements in the township. Just a thought...

  2. My experience last Tuesday morning was icy ride on Baltimore pk.from middletown .Arrived at Media border and clear sailing.