Sunday, December 22, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Merry Christmas

Media in Two Minutes

With the recent warmth it feels more like Christmas in July, than December, but I'm not complaining about this morning's 66 degree temperature.  It's actually a nice reprieve from what I hear will be another cold snap coming in at the end of this month.  I like the cold weather too.

I'm actually working on a Best of 2013 post that will highlight all the interesting news about Media over the last year.  It'll include things that were bizarre, cool, interesting, lousy and of course, the biggest story of 2013.  That'll be out in a few days.   I think you'll like it.

Ok, let's go.

ATM SPOTLIGHT!  Media Borough Staff
I want to sincerely thank Borough Manager, Jeff Smith and everyone who works for Media Borough for their exemplary efforts towards making this borough the best it can be.  In all my time here, I've not had one complaint, nor have I really heard any, about this group, it's conduct or great service they provide.  That's not only impressive, but that's the foundation that Media's become known for.  And if that's not enough, they're some of the nicest people you could meet.  Nice Job, everyone and have a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Tip

Kudos to the Highway Department for picking up the trash in Media and also to mail handlers who always get the job done.  These people do great work and are worthy of a Christmas Tip.  Money is well received and I'm sure baked goods are too. 

2014 - The Year of Traffic Inconvenience
Next year will not be kind for those who drive and park in and around Media.  On January 6th, Penndot begins repair on a section of Orange Street between Highland and Rose Tree Road.  This is the span that crosses the Media by-pass.  If that's not bad enough, the ongoing work on 252 in Upper Providence will continue on well into the new year.  The future work on the roadway across Springton Lake Dam will not start until 2015, but like anything else, that'll be here soon enough.

It's only taken me two years of writing about it, but Media Borough Council has finally begun to solicit a RFP for the work needed for the Olive Street Garage.  Depending on had bad the repair is, it may be out of service for awhile.  At this time, they are expecting to potentially begin work in June 2014.

Public Stuff - New To Media
You probably have no idea what "Public Stuff" is or how it could be used to notify the borough of important issues.  The reason is, it was poorly launched.  If I get some time, I'll fill everyone in on what that's all about.

Plumstead Inn Knows Christmas
When I was younger I always admired (still do) and greatly appreciated the Christmas decorations in the Plumstead Inn, especially the Christmas cards that are hung up each and every year.  Many years ago before I left for Austin, Texas not sure if I'd ever be back to Media, I asked the owner, Chuck Margis how someone gets a card on the wall.  He said, "send a card I'll put it up."  Sure enough I did send a card from Texas all those years ago and sure enough he still puts it up.  That folks, is Christmas in a small town like Media, Pa.  Thanks, Chuck!

Media Ordinance - Removal of Snow 24 hrs after Storm.  That includes Councilman Davidson!
When Councilman Paul Robinson made a statement on Thursday reminding residents of Media's snow removal ordinance,  he should have looked to his right at Council Kent Davidson.  Davidson's sidewalks weren't even touched and were left snow covered for the last 5 days.  Get it together, Davidson!

Fellini's Cafe in Media Opens New Room
Fellini's New Room
There's no need to go into how good the food is at Fellini's, we know that.  However, they now have their new room open that included the recent expansion into the adjoining space that was formerly the Salad Stop.  I really like what they've done here with the rough cut timber for paneling and copper topped tables.  The room can handle big parties which is a welcomed addition and good to know.  


Media Wawa - You won't believe really won't!
Since I'm feeling in the Christmas spirit, I have decided not to share the latest bombshell of an update I received over the weekend regarding this project.  I'll post it in a few days, but in the mean time prepare yourselves.  And I don't mean that in a good way.

There are some peculiar things going on here that Media Borough council has not shared with the public, but I will in do time.

And One Last Thing.......
Here's to being alive, cool and interesting in 2014!  Be safe out there and don't let it pass you by!


  1. Just a guess here Tedman but would your WAWA surprise have anything to do will say ...."pay to play'?? Maybe even a little alleged extortion on part of Borough Council? Perhaps if WAWA pays for this or contributes to that they may get site approval. Media just became Philadelphia wonder if anyone remembers Ron White? Kory Kemp? John Street?

    1. A nice six figure donation to the local terrorist parks group may change a couple conflicted minds on council.

  2. Thanks for the site, Mr. Tedman, it's by far the most interesting of the Media bunch.

  3. Thanks you Tedman for calling out Davidson on his ordinance violation, no one on council had the guts to!

  4. Just a reminder that USPS employees can't accept cash gifts and anything greater than $20 in value. Time to spread some gift card cheer! :)

  5. Davidson wasn't the only one on council...

  6. Another council person what?

  7. Tedman - Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Big "Thank You" from your neighbors across the dam(n) in Upper Prov. Your site, by far, keeps EVERYONE up to date on what has happened, what is happening and what is yet to come (ie WaWa!!, the bridge)
    Interesting about the sidewalk situation at a certain Councilman's address - Maybe he should move to Upper Prov - we don't have sidewalks on the street where we live!!! Or maybe a secret Santa should give him a shovel!!!

  8. Who's the other council person that doesn't shovel their walk?

  9. If I have to slalom around his chickens one more time on West Ave, I'm making rotisserie out of them

  10. What is the exact rule on shovelling in Media? I have heard in some towns people opt not to shovel because if they do shovel it must be a "good enough job" that no one will fall and be injured. In which case not shovelling at all would absolve the person of any liability in the event someone fell. Is it the same here? Also, in Media, it seems people with brick sidewalks don't mind shovelling on occasion but can't be bothered to throw any rock salt down. Two inches of ice mixed with jagged uneven bricks! Media Borough's "walkability" degrades drastically between December and March.

  11. Dunno the official rule, but wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where our elected officials showed some pride in their community and courtesy for their neighbors by shoveling their sidewalk??

  12. Why are there so many chickens in the Borough? Do we not have enough farms or stores selling eggs? Question, does the chicken feed and poop attract rodents?

  13. Merry Christmas you ol coots! You've wrought climate change and all you wish to do is whine about what going on in the fishbowl.

  14. It's not whining. It's stating the fact that entire blocks of landowners --- from all parties --- care enough to clear their sidewalks and at least two of our elected officials failed to do so.

  15. @Cindy Miller: "we don't have sidewalks on the street where we live!!" Is that supposed to be a point of pride in UP?