Sunday, December 15, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

ATM Spotlight - Winter Weather
Media Water Works
In the last seven days we've had three storms that have led to measurable snowfall in the area.  Not sure if that's an indication of what's to come, but with it not even being officially winter yet; we've gotten more snow in the last week, than all of last year. 

This week we also felt noticeably colder temperatures.  Thought not quite thick enough yet, the Media Water works was frozen over to stand on.  Too bad Bill Battey's isn't around to provide skating equipment they were so well known for.  Do people even go skating anymore?

Open House - Victorian Tea and Tour  in Media

Victorian Holiday Tea and Tour
Sunday, December 15, 2013
1:00 – 6:00pm
Come join us for a Victorian Holiday Tea and Tour
in one of Media’s Holiday Decorated Victorian homes

116 North Lemon Street, Media, PA
All proceeds to benefit 1st United Methodist Church  Outreach Programs

Tickets are $15.00

Why So Salty, Media?
When it comes to snow saftey comes first, which means rock salt and various ice melts come second.  I suppose there is no way around it, but the stuff gets all over the place and hangs around well after the ice is gone.  I don't use it at my house for those reasons, but I imagine it's not something businesses look forward to towards cleaning it up in their stores.

A Bed and Breakfast in Media?
I know of no plans of such a place, but it strikes me odd that Media, Pa doesn't have a B&B.  Yes, there are some great ones just outside of Media, which include Alpenhos, Sweetwater Farm and Hamanassett; but nothing in the borough.  I always thought Plymouth Hall, if reverted back to its original setup as a hotel, would make a great lodging addition to Media.  Perhaps rebranding the Raven Hotel as something along the lines a Chateau Eza might help.  Then again, maybe not.

New Years Eve in Media has potential
The 5,000 people that come to Media to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve has a lot of potential.  In fact, it's big enough that it should have it's own MC and perhaps a line-up for the night that includes a multitude of performances and maybe interviews.  Something like how the broadcasters cover the event in Times Square.  Maybe cover it on a public channel on cable or via the internet in HD.  You could probably even sell advertising space throughout the show.

I thought Media Theatre and Roger Ricker had a GREAT idea when they would interview people on a set they brought to State Street during events.   It had a red couch and seating like something out of a late night talk show setup.  It drew a lot of interest.

Media Elementary and Alice in Wonderland.
The Alice in Wonderland show put on by the 5th graders at Media Elementary really turned out to be a big hit.  Great to to see the RTMSD performing arts initiative getting the kids involved.  Nice Job, everyone!

Media Borough Council is Inept!

Media shouldn't come to expect much from a borough council that has to take a vote on when to mail out a letter, which was the case a few weeks ago.  However, what we should expect is a governing body that doesn't make matters worse for the town.  Yet that is exactly what happen this week when the PA Commonwealth Court found them in Contempt of Court over Third Street Bridge.  Not sure how much this fiasco has/will cost taxpayers, but I've requested information from the borough manager to get to the bottom of it.  As it becomes available, I'll post on this site.

When you vote for people who can't outline or discuss issues in the borough and instead claim they are "problem solvers,"  "go-getters" and my favorite, "think outside the box;" you elect people who are in over their heads.  How bad is it?  I'm told this council is so ill prepared that the first they heard of the court order was through this blog!  Maybe I should have covered Wawa better so they wouldn't have needed to meet with them 14 times over the last 2 years. 


  1. Replies
    1. Except that the PA Commonwealth Court did NOT find Media Borough in Contempt of Court.

    2. Except that the PA Commonwealth Court did NOT find them in Contempt of Court over Third Street Bridge.

      And since the above comment didn't make it past moderation yesterday morning(!), I'll expand some more. I'd hate those council members to be given the wrong information.

      All the PA Commonwealth Court ruling said was that Judge Proud can't throw out the stipulation agreement on his own, without being asked to by either Media Borough or the BLCC. So they sent the case back to him to try again. Here's what could happen:

      The judge could rule whether or not "restablish [the third street bridge] as an open thoroughfare" means that the thoroughfare has to be two way. As a commenter mentioned in the other page, if the parties wanted to include the words "two way" in the stipulation, they could have.

      Alternatively, Media or BLCC could ask that the stipulation be thrown out. Judge Proud has already indicated that is his preferred disposition. So we will be back to where we were before the PA Commonwealth Court ruling.

      Perhaps the quickest resolution would be for Republicans to reestablish control of Media Borough. According to BLCC and other two-lane proponents, they could only do that by getting Alyanakian, Cunningham, Roe and Rehoric back on council. Astute readers will see what I just did there. (Assuming moderator approval, this time.)

  2. The dumbest electorate in the history of Media. They voted for ineptitude, and they got it in November 2013.

  3. Media Borough wasn't found in contempt of court.