Friday, December 27, 2013

Media's Biggest and Most Interesting Stories of 2013

When I first thought about writing this article is was just going to be a quick and easy list of the  biggest, if not interesting stories that affected Media, PA in 2013.   Then I got to doing some research and found there were quite a few compelling things that happened this year in Everybody's Hometown.  Some good, some bizarre and others just what you'd expect from a small town of about 5,200 people.

The selection process for this year's "Biggest in 2013" was based each post's visitors, comments, fun factor and impact to the community.  I also chose a few that wouldn't have made any other 2013 list, but were special in their own right. We'll start of with the biggest story and work it from there in no particular order.

Ok, so I have a lot to cover here in my typical abbreviated format and I won't keep you in suspense over the most viewed story on ATM.  Yes, that's right!  The big news released in October 2013 was the announcement that GRM had been purchased.  The story came together pretty quickly after months of rumors and speculation.  When the plans were announced and posted on this site, thousands came by to check it out.  The future of GRM will not only have an economic impact on the region, but will also be felt here in Media.  This will be a closely watched and developing story in 2014.

Suprisingly this wasn't the most comment article; not even close.  That honor goes to the Third Street Bridge which we'll get to.

Hometown Sports and Education
I don't think this was high on anyone's list, but it was for me.  This encompasses a few categories, but all equally important.  I want to congratulate the Media's Girls Softball team and Penncrest Football for the extraordinary seasons they had this year.  And how about Penncrest Scott Hi-Q who won another championship in 2013?  I can tell you, the community really enjoyed these successes.

Most Bizarre
We had a tie on this one, but it's a category that can't be denied.  First off, who on this green earth steals a man's BBQ pit in broad daylight out of the back of a parking lot?  This is what happened to Jack's Tavern back in August 2013.  I don't believe it was ever found, but what has the world come to.

Our second story and perhaps even more bizarre happened in Septemeber 2013.  Listen, if you show up to a Media borough council meeting with a dead cat under your arm, you're going to make a lot more than a list on some blog.  And sure enough, that's what happened to this person. 

Media's Biggest Birthday
At a certain age birthday's don't have the same fun factor as turning 21 and experiencing the full force of the campus bar scene.  However, when you turn 100, you get special recognition here on ATM and that's how we celebrated the century mark for the Media Trolley.  They even dressed up the old 101 Line in a fancy, retro remake of her old self.  Happy Birthday, Media Trolley.

A Hotel Comes to Media Springfield
Seven years after clearing what seemed like endless hurdles, all we have in Media are broken dreams of a once promising hotel project.  On the other hand, there was still significant news on a hotel here. 2013 brought the grand opening of Springfield's Marriott Courtyard which is thriving and illustrates what can be done with a "can do" attitude.  There's no need to really explain this further on how and why this happened to Media, the results speak volumes.  

Most Inspiring - Media's Bike Rack
It's not easy to take a concept, present it, fund it and work the many details to make it a reality.  However, that's exactly what happened with this years bike racks that were provided to the town of Media.  It's the enthusiasm and ambition by the people of this town that make it a pleasure to live in.  Nice work her by the Media Rotary and DCTMA, especially Dana Mancini and Lauren Avellino Turton.

Most Unexpected - Lima Wawa Closes
This caught me off guard regarding how many people stopped by ATM to get the story on the closing of the Lima Wawa.  This was BIG news, especially in Middletown.  I really enjoyed the comments from those who grew up with this location...I was one of them.

Most Fondly Remembered - Black Hawk Spring
I don't consider myself a captivating writer on any level that could tell the rich history of the Black Hawk Spring, but I gave it a shot.  WOW, did that turn out to be worth it.  This post was one of the most viewed in all of 2013.  I also think it was one of the most appreciated too.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and share their stories of this lost treasure - a natural spring.

Most Unexpected  - Stolen Bike Recovered
The power of social media does have a place in this town, though it's not even close to being fully recognized as a public safety tool.  When it comes to communicating an emergency, update or public notice about Media, no one can do it faster or to as many people than ATM.  Not Media Borough, not the Police, not anyone.   And coming from one person who does a lot of this casually from a smartphone, I even agree that something is not right here.

Case in point: a few months ago someone texted me with a photo of a stolen bicycle and asked if I'd put it on ATM describing what, where and when the theft took place.  This site isn't about crime fighting, but I did believe this entailed a public safety announcement.  I posted the information and sure enough the bike was found at Media Elementary playground in under 24hrs by people who saw this story. 

Most Commented - Third Street Bridge
The comments alone on anything related to the Third Street Bridge situation, take on a life of their own.  On two recent posts, there were over 100 comments.  As things are looking in 2014, it looks like this topic will continue to be heavily debated.  19 years of non-sense and local government at its worst will do that.


  1. My vote for issue where politicians most ignore desires of constituents: Media Super Wawa
    My vote for Photo of the Year: "Lady in Red"
    My vote for Most Influential Citizen of Media: Tedman

  2. Third Street and Glen Providence Park - local historic gem supported by year round volunteers, cleaning the park, educating hikers, entertaining concert-goers, supporting dam removal and stream restoration.

    Unless you think you deserve a private lake or shortcut paid by taxpayers, this is a worthwhile.

    1. It is good to know that the park is protected by such responsible stewards of the environment. The park is truly a gem but one decision years ago probably did far more damage to the public's use and appreciation of the park than the dam. That is the construction of four obnoxious McMansions on Park Edge. For years now, the once pristine views are dominated by these behomoth structures towering over the park. Surely, there must be some politically connected organization group that can assist with raising money to purchase and level those eyesores that hover over the park destroying the public's enjoyment of the park. Perhaps Media can float a bond. Surely by now, the owners of these houses must realize the devastation they have caused to the park. No matter what happens with the 3rd Street Bridge, Glen Providence Park has been foreover ruined by the construction on Park Edge. Elimination of this eyesore should clearly be at the top of the list for anyone that is truly concerned about the future of Glen Providence Park.

  3. agenda..lake and park around one hundred years before you phonies came along

  4. Unfortunately those protecting the park are those fakes who live on parks edge lane and call themselves stewards of the environment, aka the friends of glen providence park. They destroyed what they are now trying to save for their own gain.

  5. The homes on Parks Edge were built on private land, using private dollars. They were built in what had been meadow, not woodlands. The homes do not present a threat to the park, unlike a new high hazard dam paid for by tax dollars to create a private lake.

    But you know that - so I guess your point is nature lovers live near parks? That people who live near parks volunteer in parks? That families who enter the park on Third Street might not want two way traffic? Very suspicious .......

  6. Anon 5:15, let me guess where you live......parks edge lane.

    I guess the animals who lived in that meadow were suppose to know it was private land and the should not have lived there or the animals from the park that foraged for food in that meadow. The friends of the park claimed the increased footprint of the bridge would harm nature and animals in that area. Would the houses not do the same. What about the run off from those homes into the park? Those homes are just as damaging, if not more, than the dam.

    Let me remind you the road was 2 way long before you settled there. You and the folks on parks edge and 3rd street have just got use to the reduced traffic at the expense of others who now can not use this. There is also an impact to those who live on orange who now have increased traffic.

    You and the parks edge lane and 3rd street folk are self serving.

  7. Shortcut? I guess Orange St. Prov.Rd.etal are unneccessary shorcuts too? BLCC open 3 months a year.FROGS one agenda. .easy to see ,just admit your only concern is protecting
    you low traffic volume street. .I would respect
    your honesty.

  8. Glad to read that at least some people see the real agenda of the FROGS. People who did not give a hoot about the park until they thought more traffic would come to their side of the world. Everyone knows who they are and it is not hard to figure out that they are selfish people hiding behind the park. These people think Media is special because of them. The people of Media and especially the FROGS are no better than the people in say Morton. We have a thriving business district and that is what makes the area great. Our business makes the area great not self serving hippies. Simple fact that if you had no problem with moving into a house on Parks Edge you really do not care about the park. Bad neighbors and stuck up individuals make up the core of the FROGS. They have a few big mouths in the group who defend the ones they think of as "weak" so I only hope they respond with their name instead of posting Anonymous.

  9. John Queeney - How, exactly, could one convince you that they "gave a hoot" about the park before the roadway design was made public? Do you have some sort of litmus test on how long someone needed to live in the area, how frequently they walked in the park, whether they could identify flora and fauna? Isn't always better for a community to focus on challenges and solutions than to point fingers at who you personally believe should or should not participate. It's absurd to try to "gag" conversation regarding a publicly funded project.

  10. Anonymous @5:15 . First off you really should identify yourself with a name. I am not saying that a "gag" should be put on the conversation at all.
    When the dam looked like it was moving forward the FROGS came up with a plan to put a gate on the Media side to control who came and went. That is all that I need to know about the group and anyone who is involved . You have every right to be selfish and not want extra traffic but please stop trying to convince everyone that you are in it for the park.

  11. A gate is a flexible and cost-effective way to alternate vehicular traffic with pedestrian-only use as seen at Edgemont Street next to Media Elementary School or most State and County parks. Even if you disagree, it certainly is worth considering as an option near one of the Borough's few recreational areas.

  12. I do disagree with a gate and think it is a bad idea put out by a few people who think too much of themselves. You are honestly trying to tell me that the gate is to make it safe for pedestrians? I live on Kirk so maybe we can get a gate as well? Maybe Orange st should have the option of a gate since they have to take all of the traffic that has been diverted their way for years. Why it is that 3rd Street and Parks Edge Lane need to be treated so special? Is it because they love nature so much? Are they better than the people on Orange St.? More like they have the resources to jam a house up next to the park so they think they know best.