Sunday, December 29, 2013

Taxi Service in Media on NYE and Interesting Options!

Peer-to-Peer Ride Sharing.  Could Technology Replace the Taxi Business?
For those that don't know this, and who will probably find it out the hard way come New Year's Eve; the taxi service on this night is quite limited.  It's gotten better over the years from the the likes of County Cab, but it is still hard to get a cab in Media, let alone enduring the wait time.

If you're a bit adventurous and tech savvy, there are smartphone apps out there that provide ride sharing.  Essentially, you download and app from one of the few services, (Uber, Sidecar Ride, Lyft), indicate you need a ride, and a verified driver comes and picks you up.  This is also not a bad idea for anyone looking to be a driver over NYE and looking to make a few bucks.  You'll have to pass a background check to be a driver, so keep that in mind. If you become a driver in the Media area for one of these services, I'll be happy to promote you free of charge. 

I think only Uber operates in this area, but the concept may someday just be Media's solution to a lacking taxi Service.  Sorry, Kaiser Cab, we'd certainly take you back if you were still around.


  1. Uber is awesome. Last time we Ubered home the driver went to the diner with us..

  2. So if you are on Megan's list you can't get a job driving a cab?