Friday, January 17, 2014

Frustrated with the road work on Rt. 252 and the Closure of Orange St? Here are updates from Upper Prov. Councilman Joe Solomon

Why hasn't Media opened Third Street?
I've been contacted daily this week from people looking for updates on the work currently being done on Rt. 252.  Believe me, I've also heard a fair share of complaints about the Orange Street closure, newly discovered tank-trap potholes and the frustrations over lack of access in and around Media (i.e. Third Street Bridge).

Since I typically don't take these roads, I've been a bit insulated from the many head-aches, but Upper Providence Council President, Joe Solomon can help.  He's got a great site with lively commentary and Rt. 252 improvement updates.


  1. The road construction closing timing has been terrible. My 2nd grader rode the bus for 1 hour and 10 minutes yesterday just to get home. The bus driver told me that it took him a half hour to get from Rose Tree Elementary to the bypass. That is insane. The driver said that construction was supposed to be halted during that time of heavy traffic but wasn't. Why wasn't it?

  2. Third street has been a longstanding issue that should have been resolved one way or the other by now. We get it. But how does it relate to the Orange street closure? Even if it was open to original capacity in both directions it wouldn't help get around this.

    Please continue to give updates on Third Street's progress, or lack thereof. Please continue to demand accountability of the "leadership."

    But please STOP using every post about inconvenience as an excuse to take a jab at Third St.

  3. Michael Jordan, MediaJanuary 21, 2014 at 8:30 PM

    Just read a thoughtful Letter to the Editor on DT website tonight--about Media's 3rd Street Bridge--written by Cindy Miller. Should be in the paper edition on Wednesday morning.

  4. Orange Street takes a beating and has for way too long due to Third Street being closed. People of Orange Street should be pretty upset that their homes are not as important as FROG members. Orange Street is in bad shape and should be fixed right away. It blows my mind how a small group of "do-gooders" think so much of themselves and so little of their neighbors down the road. Everyone knows who these people are and what they are all about. They are blinded by arrogance and a notion that they know what is best. A group filled with individuals who are way too in love with themselves.

    1. You always have to go there - us against them. It's getting old. The residents of Media Borough are way more on the hook financially than neighboring communities for a private lake none of us can use. Remove the dam ......

    2. What is wrong with my statement? Why don't you have enough respect to put your name on your post? The fact is that it is a road that should be open considering it was needed 18 years ago and is now needed even more. Do you want a bridge instead of a dam? We all know that the bridge is more expensive. What do you think should replace the dam? Why does Orange St. need to shoulder all of the extra traffic ? Please define "go there" since I made a few points in my post. Is it that you are a phoney 'do-gooder" or that you think too highly of yourself? Maybe you really think you are better than people on Orange? Tell me what is not true , please.