Sunday, January 12, 2014

Media in Two Minutes - Happy New Year 2014

Media in Two Minutes

If politics has kept a bridge closed for 4 days in Northern New Jersey, then what are people to think about politics keeping our bridge closed for 18 years?  The joke's on us, which provided a lot of laughs around town this week.  What's not funny is a borough council caught stacking committees, a councilman providing an undisclosed website and calling a school board to prevent the bridge from opening.

ATM SPOTLIGHT - Former Councilwomen Dawn Roe and Monika Rehoric
With the recent retirement of these two courageous women from borough council, Media's governing body loses character, integrity and judgement that will tragically not be replaced.  As elected democrats, they truly understood the values of this town and worked unselfishly for the last four years in the best interests of everybody.  Despite being persecuted and vilified by their own Media Democratic Party, they punched above their weight and legislated independently of political agendas. That takes guts and commitment. Thank you both for your service!

An Event Worth Checking Out - Rose Tree Inn Tour de France Wine Dinner
Chateaubriand ala Bernaise? Bordeaux and Burgundy?  Say no more and check out the wine dinner they have going on at Rose Tree Inn on Jan. 17 It's nice that they have these types of events.  I'd definitely consider going.

Media Makes International News!
A few people contacted my about this, but I didn't get time to post it.  Last week the news media picked up a story about a mystery specific to Media's past.  A thriller spy story in Media?  That's about right, as this town was the scene of a major breakin back in 1971 of a FBI office that was located Veteran's Square.  For the longest time, no one knew who did it until now.  Check it out, if you haven't.

The sunset of Media's solar initiative?
The only time I hear about solar power in Media anymore is when someone will tells me a certain building's solar panels were offline for weeks because no one checked on them.  That was the case I heard about the library.  As for any other news on Media's solar, there isn't any, which is a shame since Media was a leader on this effort started by former council president, Pete Alyankian 

It's been so long people probably don't even remember the electric car charging station that was installed behind the firehouse.  However, there sure were a lot of politicians like Mayor McMahon
standing in front of it for a picture when it opened, but where are they now?  I caught up with a group this week who at least has a plan to utilize their charger and has had some success with actively marketing it.  

Bevan's Candy for Valentines Day!
Made in Media - Bevan's Candy
No better place for Valentines Day candy than Bevans! I'll never get tired of letting people know Media still produces the best candies in the world.

Who has the Best Dessert in Town?
Pizza, wings, burgers and beer all have their awards from various restaurants in town, but who has the best dessert?  I've sort of been out of the dessert busines, though I've always been found of Iron Hill's apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.  Simple, easy and I always order it.  If I had to pick a winner, it would have to be the Nutella crepes at either La Bella Epoque or Picasso's.  I've changed a lot of opinions on that treat.

Update on GRM Project
Things are moving a long with the future plans for the Granite Run Mall.  From a discussion I had, it looks like they are looking to present two, 200 unit apartment buildings.  One is to go where the theatre currently is, while the other is expected to be where the old Chi-Chi's was (overgrown lot next to Acme by Rt. 352)  These will be multi-levels with an interesting twist; garages will be placed on the mid-level or each building. 

Traffic Light coming to Providence and Palmers Mill Road 
I was looking at the traffic plans that are currently underway in Upper Providence.  I didn't know this, but these plans call for a traffic signal to be placed at Providence Rd. and Palmers Mill Road.  I suppose that'll happen sometime in 2014, but good to know.   You can view the layout of what's to come with this project here.

A more respected leader than what Media has
Too much credit is given in this town for starting things, and not nearly enough for follow-through and completion.  If you're going to be a mayor or councilperson, make the commitment to see it through.  ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  The almost non-existent attemp to launch a community service app (Public Stuff) by Media Borough Council is an embarrassment!  Who really knew about this service until I mentioned it this week?  Did people just happen to magically find information on media's website when it wasn't even on the front page?

This lack of execution and completion are typical of people who only have their own agendas and could care less about doing their jobs.  I suppose you really do have to sue Media Borough Council to get anything done.


  1. TM - I very much like the notion of putting Media Borough's interests above politics. In that regard, it may make sense for you to consider extending an olive branch to Media Dems instead of driving the wedge deeper and deeper. I say this because it appears you have some passion and energy for this town. Regretfully, I don't see a victory for you in our lifetime in a head to head campaign against the Dems. In fact, you might consider changing parties. I mean, really, is there a Democrat or Republican way to plow the snow or collect the garbage. No. At this level, party politics only get in the way, as evidenced in your many observations over the years. Besides, quite frankly, the vast majority of the population has no idea what's really going on, and they'll vote blindly for a D or R regardless of any true merits. So, make the change and save us from ourselves.

  2. Michael Jordan, MediaJanuary 13, 2014 at 7:49 PM

    Don't you dare change, Tedman. I like you as your are, the loyal opposition. We need that.