Friday, January 31, 2014

Media’s Restaurant Scene is a Changin’

I won’t go into detail, but expect some announcements in the coming months regarding Media’s restaurant scene.  One restaurant appears to be making moves to pack up and leave State Street. And as unfortunate as that is, there's already interested in this expected vacancy by an owner of a well liked restaurant in town.  

In addition, a second restauranteur is interested in opening a another place in the borough. From what I understand, the concept of this place is pretty cool.   

If this has your interest and you want to get in on the game, there is yet a third restaurant who is shopping around for a buyer.  

Is Media becoming over saturated with restaurants?  I don't know the business to say if there is or isn't, but there is quite a lot of action going on for location and expansion. 

Lastly, Traders Joe’s will have to make a decision probably this year as to their plans to stay at the armory and renew their upcoming lease or move to another location.  It’s no secret that there are a few people standing on the sidelines waiting for that outcome. 


  1. Hopefully it is Spasso that is leaving. Marginal food and terrible service.

  2. Replies
    1. ZOMG LOL, thanks for the laugh!

  3. Funny how different people can have different tastes and experiences. Not knocking your opinion at all, Anon 8:02. Certainly valid if that was your experience. But I have eaten at Spasso a half dozen times and have really enjoyed it. Aside from the one time during their opening month when service was a bit underwhelming, we have had noting but good experience and good food. I chalk up that fist experience to some growing pains. Now Quotations...that is a place that i have never been able to get into. Some people love it and that is great. I go in for a beer every now and then and it is perfectly fine for a quick drinks...but for dinner, I think the menu is a bit bland and overpriced and I have never had a great vibe from the owner or the staff. I almost feel like it is a burden for the owner/staff that I am there. And I am sorry....are you really charging me extra for the tomatoes and lettuce on my sandwich? Seems a little cheep.

  4. If Media doesn't figure a way to provide additional parking - or a free bus from a lot - it's all moot.

  5. they first have to FIX the parking lot on Olive street

  6. The biggest problem with Media restaurants is the poor service. The owners, and therefore their staffs, just don't know the basics. There are a few exceptions with great food and service, but not enough.

  7. Try the Towne House ... very good food and the service is Excellent !!