Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Aftermath of NYE on State Street - Happy New Year


After last night's New Year Eve's festivities, State Street may be looking better than how your head may feel this morning, but I'm sure both will improve throughout the day.  Overall things didn't look too bad in downtown Media, but you can tell there was one heck of a party.  The debris mostly included confetti, paper horns, plastic cups and a few bottles.  Nice job with the green recycling barrels, as they were put to good use.

Media's Highway Department does a great job at cleaning this up.  In fact, it may be spotless by the time you make your way in to town this morning.



  1. Big, big thanks to Ralph and the guys at the Streets Department. They do a wonderful and often thankless job. Love that people come to our town to celebrate and spend their money. Wish they wouldn't throw their trash on the ground.

  2. 3 PM and looks exactly the same as first thing this morning.......

  3. There were still broken and unbroken bottles at 11p on Wednesday. But who cares? It's evidence that everybody had a great time- and even the Streets Dept should get a day off now and again.