Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video (HD) Updates on Road Conditions as of 3pm and other interesting information

#delcosnow #mediapa #pawx

Snow continues to fall as the temperature is now at 19 degrees (3:53pm EST).  Here's video of a few roads leading in and out Media.  We'll continue to provide more video updates tonight, and expect to tomorrow am before the rush-hour commute.

For those who have left comments, we'll try to get to your streets too.  (Monroe, E. State Street).  During these conditions, most people get cabin fever about now.  John's Bar and Grille is open during the worst of storms and they have wifi.  For other recommendations, Plumstead Inn and Sligo are good options.  They are usually open on snowdays too.


  1. Well that was very nice! Liked the music too.

  2. Ditto the comment above me - stay safe, drive carefully