Saturday, January 11, 2014

With all the banks in Media, which one would you recommend? That's easy, convenience!

With all the banks in Media, which one would you recommend?  That's a question I got recently which I replied, "which ever one is the most convenient."   And "convenient" for me means which ever one has the best online banking experience.

I use four banks, but rarely, if ever do I have to visit them.  It’s not that I don’t do a lot of banking, but the banking I do is nearly 99% done online.  That may not work for some people, but you smartphone and computer are quickly becoming their own bank branch with 24/7 service.  Yeah, I know interest rates are still important, as is the confidence one has in the institution holding their money, but in today’s world, simplicity and convenience are tough to beat.  The traditional convenience of what was once extended hours at a branch, ironically are not that convenient compared to 24hrs and a computer.  

After much research I found that PNC has a very good online banking and mobile setup.  I especially like what they do with their “Virtual Wallet” product and the ease it which it can be used.  You can tell they’ve put some time into this and understand the importance of this type of banking.  It’s also nice that they have two branches in Media in case they are needed.

I also really like Bryn Mawr Trust, as I use to work there a long time ago when it was First Keystone.  Other banks try to be community oriented, but Bryn Mawr Trust really does a great job with this.  The only criticism I have, is that their online banking is almost unusable.

I’ll also give credit to the newly opened new Republic Bank located on the corner of Baltimore Ave and Providence Road.  I've not tried any of their services, but this group is VERY generous to the community.  That may not be a big factor in choosing a bank, but goodwill towards the community is always appreciated.


  1. Michael Jordan, MediaJanuary 11, 2014 at 9:05 AM

    TD BANK is my favorite. Everybody working there knows your name. Plus Wawa and the Post Office are steps away.

    1. Agree with you on this (too) Michael J.

  2. TD is great for me too, because I live a block away, and they are always open. Our house banks with TD and the FMFCU.

  3. I'd like to give a major amount of credit to Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union. They pump a good amount of funding into Hi-Q in Delco and Academic Competition in Chesco.

  4. Franklin Mint FCU offers 2% on savings.

    Dave Daniel

  5. I bank with FMFCU and shame on who writes this blog for not even giving them a mention as they are a great asset to the Media community and i use PSECU because they have a unique feature like no one else upost at home others have similar but nothing like PSECU's