Sunday, February 16, 2014

AmazonPRIME Delivered by USPS on Sunday's in Media, PA

If you're not familiar with AmazonPRIME you can read more about it here.  For those that are, you will now be able to receive packages via the Media post office on Sundays.  This was quite a story at the end of 2013, but has now made its way to our area.  Essentially, if you order a package from Amazon on Friday, you'll receive it by Sunday to use on Monday.  Now, I don't have a real world example of why delivering on Sundays would be such a value to me, but the example used was a situation where parents could order items for their kids to have for school that Monday.  

Okay, fine, that's probably an edge-case scenario highlighting the service but there's a lot more to this than just Sunday delivery.  It's a capability that could prove much more vital for a company that has spent billions in new warehouses, logistics and even contracting out a governmental entity - the US Post Office.  Forget the delivery by drones, that's way beyond four years out which isn't much worth the discussion other than the "WOW" factor.  And, yes, it is quite a concept.

The "capability" I see for this Sunday delivery service is that of a trial for the future grocery delivery by way of AmazonFresh.  In fact, AmazonFresh is up and running in locations like Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  There's a big market for the commercial food space  and this could start encroaching in that area, even maybe competing for restaurants in Media.  You don't think US Foods and Sysco are noticing?  As for residential service, people use the internet to find love; finding the best price on Spanish olives delivered to your front door can't be too far away.


  1. Was shocked ordered something this past Friday from prime 2 day and it was in my mailbox yesterday (sunday). Pretty cool

  2. Ask how the postmaster feels about this. I was told that this will cost the Media post office $200 in wages for "junior carriers" to work on Sundays. Amazon is paying $100.