Friday, February 7, 2014

Media Borough Lacked Important Leadership During Recent Ice Storm


Having had a tree fall on my house, I didn't need Pennsylvania to issue a State of Emergency to know we were going to be in for a rough time during the ice storm earlier this week.  For thousands of others, that misery came in the form of loss of power and heat. This wasn't just a matter of inconvenience, but for many, an unwanted exercise in survival that has lasted for days.

In what is being described as PECO's biggest power outage just after Hurricane Sandy, I do want to recognized the municipalities of Middletown, Upper Providence and even Brookhaven for their efforts towards providing timely, proactive information.  Whether holding conference calls with PECO, providing information on warming centers, locations for generators, or even thanking the emergency response teams for around the clock assistance, they stepped up and took control of the matter.

PECO Summary As of 2/6 7:19pm EST
Outages vs. Total Customers
Unfortunately, we here in Media received zilch in terms of any useful information on what the borough was doing during this storm.  If anything, it would have been appreciated to have received just one paragraph from Mayor McMahon or council officials stating "this is what's going on, this is what we're doing, this is the information you need to know and here's what to expect." WE GOT NOTHING.

I have a problem with people who campaign on generalities such as "thinking outside the box" and "roll my sleeves up to get the job done."  I now have a bigger problem with those same people who were elected and did absolutely ZERO for this town while last night PECO reported a quarter of the customers in Media were without power.

You get what you pay for.  For Media, you get what you voted for!


  1. Interesting. You sure about the numbers in your image? That a screen shot or did you copy and paste something incorrectly? I checked the same site on Wednesday at it showed the number of people affected in the borough being 11. Today (4:17pm 2/7) it is showing 5. Are you saying it spiked to over 1100 yesterday? And it is interesting that the site now shows the total number of customer served as being 3800, not 4200 as in your screen shot. Where did those 400 customers go? Can you address the dependencies in the numbers? hope you are not altering the numbers to make your point....

  2. Borough not PECO.

  3. Truly Hope things are better today.

  4. I have to say, there's not much the borough could meaningfully do. Fixing the power is in PECO's control -- not the Mayor's/Council's. Grandstanding by politicians is not going to restore power any sooner.

  5. Let's be fair. The updates you are talking about were on the Middletown Republicans Facebook page. There were no similar updates on the Township website outside of a notice on a warming location. I guess this shows that Middletown Officials only care about Republicans.