Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Ever Happened to ABC? And Made In Media, PA?

Made in Media, PA
I can't remember how this topic of conversation came up, but someone asked me last night, "what ever happened to ABC?"  For those that don't know ABC was American Baseball Cap who assembled batting helmets right here in Media, PA.  They were produced just across the street from the Media train station and were known world wide.  In fact, they were responsible for pioneering the effort to make the game safer, even after some resistance from some hall of famers.

ABC was a big part of the community too!  Anyone who played Media baseball always wanted to be on the team this company sponsored.  I remember seeing their logo all over the place, but back then I didn't really understand their contribution to the sport or how well known they were.  They also did something that may even be harder to comprehend in this day in age; they actually produced something that was stamped: Made in Media, PA.

I would love to see someday Media be on the map again as a place that produces things.  I know there are a lot of challenges for something like this to happen, but there is a interesting movement going on to do just that in many places in this country.  You have start-ups making american made products like watches and bicycles in Detroit, Michigan and motorbikes in Goshen, Indiana.  Perhaps the first step is thinking that it CAN BE DONE!

As for ABC, I'm not sure what happened to this company.  From the few articles I was able to find and even some history, there is nothing about them after 2007.  Perhaps the moved on, perhaps they went out of business; I don't know whatever happened to ABC.

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  1. Looks like they merged with a Wilmington based company, Optimer Performance Fibers in 2002 a subsidiary of Optimer Brands in Chicago.

    Very neat to see a Phils helmet with Media, PA on the inside.

    1. i have a sox helmet with media pa on the inside a black hard helmet

  2. I have a St. Lucie (Port St. Lucie, FL) Mets helmet from 2011 that says, "AMERICAN BASEBALL CAP - MEDIA, PENNA." on the underside of its visor. (Distributed by Rawlings) So maybe they were still around then?...unless the Mets were using old stock.