Thursday, March 20, 2014

John's Grille in Media, PA - An Imminent Sale will Write The Final Chapter

The final chapter is about to be written on Media's oldest bar, John's Grille and I really dislike the whole thought of having to say "good-bye."  What's made me come to this realization is the imminent sale of the bar/building that may be announced very soon.  I suspect the new owner will have plans that even if slight, still won't capture the character of what once was.  I can deal with that, and I can deal with whatever plans they have, but what is hard to get over is how special this neighborhood bar was for so many for so long.

I'm proud to say I had a beer at John's Grille among the many who aren't forgotten!
A picture hanging on the wall in John's Grille
Truthfully, I was only here a few times a year which usually included Tuesday night's when they had $.60 tacos; but the place was authentic and genuine.  If you ever took a look at the pictures on the wall you would see a bit of history as to what it was like in this place before WWII.  You'd also see people who really didn't care about the fancy side of town, but just liked to grab a drink and socialize with friends and neighbors.  It was a local joint and had every bit and feel of one - that's hard to replicate and something you definitely can't fake.

I was told the place was haunted from the stories I heard from the waitstaff and a favorite stop for those workers getting off third shift at the local post office.  At one time not so long ago,  John's opened up its doors and served drinks at 8am. Not sure if we'll ever have a bar in Media that opens that early again, and I'm not sure why we would, but that is what people did back then.  For those that didn't know, and only a few do, this was the last bar that would take you as a patron if you were thrown out of all the rest.  Oddly enough, quite a few who came to that realization and found themselves in that situation, usually didn't last long at John's either.  Neighborhood bars are like that.
John's Grille in Media, Pa

John's also played what you could call a community role when it came to dangerous weather - they were always open.  Rain, sleet, deep snow and even Hurricane Sandy when many were without electricity, John's provided a place to get something to eat and had free wifi.  You'd be surprised how many people showed up and appreciated that.

In my opinion, the town of Media owes a debt of gratitude to this establishment and to Jim Carney and his family for the 78 years of  dedicated service.  This place was an important part of this town, as many who went there made Media what it is today.

Raise your glass to John's Grille!


  1. Very well said!

  2. Brendan O'RiordanMarch 20, 2014 at 10:12 AM

    Well done Ted.

  3. I hope this place doesn't become a hipster bar with $8.00 beers. I know it must change but we will never see a local establishment like John's Grille in Media again. It is truly the end of an era.

  4. To Jim Carney's family and his family at John's Grille:
    Jim will be missed. A soft spoken, fair guy who treated everybody equal. It is sad when good people leave us to early.

  5. I really hope they keep this place open and the way it has always been. This place and the Plumstead are the best places in town. Great service, great food, good times.

  6. Johns has been my goto for my after work festivities for 20+ years, first as a postman across the street, and now as a soundman... also across the street. If there is no Johns, it's a long walk to the Plumstead...

  7. John's Grille was a Media Mummers Meeting Parade Post. Many people do not know Joe I started the Media Mummers. Jim C was in many of our parades on Broad Street. Jim Carney will surely be missed and don't forget the lovely bartender and manager Karen who always has a smile and a big heart. She has worked for over 30 yrs at John's. I have many fond memories. I lived in Media back in the 50's and it is still the same. I never found the town to be up scale just regular town people.

  8. It's hard for me to think that I spent my last St. patty day there this past Monday. Media won't be the same with out my favorite tap room! Here's to Jimmy, god rest his soul.

  9. I know that the Carney family appreciates all the comments. I met Jim Carney in 1969 when his Brother Bill married my sister. Since them they have been a part of my family. Thanks.