Sunday, March 2, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

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Media in Two Minutes!
I want to thank those who took the time to send me information on events that are important to the community.  We had a lot this week.  Anywhere from press-release, to a fundraiser, to a beef and beer, to a hall of fame announcement.  When someone told me, "we don't have a place to post this kind of stuff," I knew I could help out!  Send me what you have, I'll post it.

Believe it or not, I try to make each and every one of these events even if it's just to say "Hi" and contribute to the cause.  Speaking of which, there are a few groups who contact me to ask to help out from time-to-time.  One of which has been BLCC.  This group has never turned the community down and has donated a lot more than you think.  Thank You!

Do you look to Media, PA for Inspiration?  Tough question, but I'll go first:  This town isn't any different than the many that make up Pennsylvania, until you include the people that live here.  That's important because we need to inspire each other whether through art, music, a good joke, a nice dining experience, a stroll through a park or even a friendly smile.  Without that, people can be hesitant to show their true potential or the potential a community has. 

To this end,  KUDOS to Media Rotary for providing inspiration through the big fundraising event their planning for the Media Food Bank.  Come out and get inspired for their upcoming event.

Affordable Housing in Media?
These are pretty cool and I wonder if they would ever start popping up in and around Media.  It's small, cozy and not starting at $399k which most small townhomes in the borough are(yeah, it's not a townhouse, but).  These might fit in your backyard.  I'd buy one.

Salon Bella Gente Closing on State St.
Not that I keep up on the salons in Media, but I was surprised to learn that Salon Bella Gente is leaving State Street.  They have a sign in the window indicating that items inside the store are for sale.  Wanna start a hair salon?  Check it out.

Now Open in Media: Silver Moon Studio Antiques!
I've always liked antique store and never knew why there weren't more in Media.  Well, it looks like one has opened up on State Street.  They have some really neat stuff in there.  Welcome to Media. SMSA!

Get it Together Media Borough Council!
This is what I saw Sunday afternoon at the Olive Street Garage.   That may look bad, but the picture that was posted on Facebook showing the damage the disintegrating concrete is doing to cars was much worse.  This has been going on for years with people I know who have submitted insurance claims to the borough.  There should be signs clearly outlining the risks of parking in this garage.

Who's looking out for borough residents?  It's not borough council, it's ME!  This situation should be handled immediately, and this woman's car fixed at the borough's expesne!

Media Fig Moves On
I liked Media Fig and what it did for this town.  Ditto for Media Patch.  Unfortunately the interest (aka $) dried up and both have moved on.  Here's Fig's unofficial, official announcement regarding the matter.

There's a lot to advertising in a small town and it is complicated.  In fact, one of my favorite quotes about the subject is: Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half. John Wanamaker.  Explained a little differently with math, this problem can be better broken down a bit further:  If you buy a $300 ad, whether through a company like Patch or Fig, and only have a 10% markup on your product or service, you'd technically have to generate $3,000 in sales from a $300 ad to get your $'s worth. Neither Patch, nor Fig had the marketing/advertising strength (i.e traffic to their online properties) to make that happen consistently.

I love this!  Media Film Festival April 4th and 5th 2014
I've been to the SXSW Film Festival a few times and you can't really compare that to Media's, but I love what is being done with this event now that it will be shown at the MEDIA THEATRE!  Great job with this poster, which captures an interesting sophistication.  Well, done Media Arts Council and Media Theatre.  You should consider selling these prints at the event.

Needs work! Media Restaurant Week
MRW had a great opportunity to create a buzz to launch this event, but there hasn't been much information, let alone promotion.  I thought the flyer was lacking.  It also didn't help that one organizer was heard saying  - don't expect much, this is the first attempt.  What? C'mon, step up and own it!

That's why Media doesn't get it.  And if they did, they'd be actively seeking someone like this to make borough events POP!  Then again, when you have a group that has to take a vote to mail a letter, well, I may just be fooling myself to think there will be any real, measurable progress for the town.
A person that works with marketers to develop robust, engaging sponsor content in a variety of formats (text, videos, slideshows, and infographics) as part of their ad campaigns. The person in this role will be responsible for growing traffic and video views to that content, as well as fostering and strengthening audience engagement.

Media needs to be Future Ready!
As Audience Development Manager, you will be optimizing organic and social media distribution, facilitating traffic partnerships, building partner relationships, and increasing revenue opportunities overall. You will work closely with marketing, business development, and ad operations to spearhead, coordinate, and drive sponsor content distribution and exposure.
Is Media Future-Ready?  If I get sometime this month, I'll explain what that's all about.  

Did You Get One of These? South Media FD NEEDS U!
If you live in or around South Media, you probably did.   Great Job by South Media Fire Department for getting the word out that this station needs volunteers.  It's not only them though, as Media FD needs volunteers too.  

Last year I had a casual conversation with a group who is very interested in doing a Media Fire Department fundraiser sometime this spring.  2014 is already filling up for me schedule-wise, but I really want to see this event happen.  Reach out if you'd like to help out.


  1. Tedman - do you have an email address that I can send a press release to regarding a local organization?

    1. send to:


  2. All the money in the world won't save your life or property.

  3. Did like banner for restaurant week stating FREE parking after five PM meters hurt biz and should be scaled back..State st. and courthouse area only should have meters.