Sunday, March 30, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

I want to take a few seconds to briefly address the outcry a few people had with the upcoming demolition of E. 5th Street.  This property was bought by a family who after much consideration, did not feel it salvageable in it's current state.  In turn, they've decided to build a new home modeled after the existing structure.  I not only think it's a good idea and prudent, but also applaud their commitment to this town and the consideration of a very sizable investment for Fifth Street. 

If people still have issue with that, I can only recommend you consider who you voted for and ask why aren't they doing more to advocate historical preservation and discussing it with many who have questions on this topic.  I doubt they are even aware.
I like highlighting issues I know are important and of interest to residents and share when I can, but I'm not the one you should be holding accountable for answers on a matter that's much bigger than a single house on a street in Media.

ATM SPOTLIGHT: Last Wednesday's Food Bank Fundraiser was a smashing success.  The biggest problem was carrying out all the food that people had brought.  The food, people and event made for a great evening at Picasso's.  The Nutella crepes are still a big hit, btw.

Congratulations to everyone who helped out, especially the Media Rotary Club.

Middletown on Track to Get Traffic Light at Forge Rd. and Rt. 352 (Middletown Rd).
When Old Forge Road was closed due to the repair of the bridge, a temporary traffic signal was placed at Forge and Rt. 352 to handle re-routed traffic.  When the bridge was fixed, the light was removed to a lot of people's dissatisfaction.  

Last week I got an update that this traffic signal will be brought back as a permanent fixture. The hold-up regards the grants needed to pay for the costs, which are expensive.  Either way, this is money well spent for the safety of travelers on this road.
The Parking Mess in Media!
This topic could probably have its own exclusive site, but first-thing-first.  A couple months ago we were told there were discussions taking place by the mayor and MBC on enforcing parking on Saturday's.  Well, what happened?  Looks like that plans were dropped and parking on State Street WILL NOT BE ENFORCED on Saturday's.  Who knew?

Why are Media's Parking Meters Displaying "OFF"?
I'm at a loss at even trying to come up with a comparable analogy that would describe Media's latest debacle over solar powered parking meters.  I do know this: someone needs to be held accountable over not doing the proper due diligence for this project.  As of now, these meters are displaying an "off" message which someone also needs to explain.

When you have no leadership and accountability, by a single party with an exclusive majority, this is what you get.
The 8th Annual Elwyn 5k Run and 2.5k Walk
If you're looking for some training prior to Media's 5 Miler Run, here's a great warmup 5k happening at Elwyn Institutes on Saturday, May 3rd 2014.

Barrall Field Update!
I'll try to get an update each and every week on this, but as of today, this is still on track to be completed before baseball/softball season.  From what I understand, a sewer junction box had deteriorated, which led to the sink hole.

Little Shop of Horrors presented by Penncrest
You can catch today's show at 2pm, which I plan to do.  I appreciate those who consider my recommendations for these great events, especially those that support our community.  It's hard to attend all of these, but this group did a really good job and I plan to check it out myself.

Third Street Bridge Update:
There may be an update on this as soon as this week pending the meeting with Judge Proud. The cost over-runs and lack of effective resolve have made this a political disaster for Media, students, and our first responder services.

Abandoned Sleighton Farms Dorm Burns
This property has been closed for years and to the best of my knowledge is still owned by Elwyn.  There's been a lot of speculation that this was to be developed, but I've not heard anything recently regarding firm plans.

Here are pictures by Middletown Fire Company showing Saturday's fire.


  1. We looked at this house when it was for sale. Besides a few architectural details, the house was absolutely NOT SALVAGEABLE. Sad but true. We can only hope the new owners do build in the style of the original, but it is theirs to do with what ever they want!

  2. I enjoy reading the socialist posts on this blog. Anonymous people spending other peoples money for things they want and desire. Is this the beginning of .... the "change" Obama ran on?
    Or is it the beginning of the ruining of the USA?
    Obama has been office for over 6 years now--- to long to blame W. He has set the country back, he has become a joke on the international stage and his signature Health Care Act is slow burning his house down along with all the green energy fiascoes. Shout to the sky 6 million have enrolled but how many have paid?
    Once you get a population used to hand outs and not working it festers like a cancer till it consumes you.
    But hey a hard working successful local builder bought a rundown abandoned house in disrepair and now wants to improve the property and rebuild heaven forbid---- I can't wait to see the socialist reaction when the builder makes a profit on all his hard work.

    1. If you like working hard so much, maybe that's what you should do instead of writing nonsense about national politics on community blogs.

  3. Anonymous poster criticizes anonymous posts.

  4. Anonymous poster criticizes post by anonymous poster anonymously

  5. There are homeless people in our county. This house is not in perfect condition, but it is better than nothing. It should be confiscated by the state and handed to the needy. After all, if someone is in the position to buy a house a knock it down, it can only happen at the expense of the disadvantaged. We are a fair trade town and so our housing should be given to the people who have been exploited by capitalism.

  6. Donate an abandoned house in disrepair to the needy? How noble

  7. If like to see the house remain, but I understand the costs involved, not just to keep it in tact structurally, but energy efficient to meet modern demand and needs. I can't fault the new owners for their decision and I wish them well.

  8. I'm happy as a clam to find a parking meter that isn't working. :) I'm sure the local businesses are perfectly happy with this predicament, as are the residents and daily commuters who have to keep sticking quarters in the meters. It was a stupid waste of money to buy them in the first place, but I can live with it. Blunder on.

  9. Brendan O'RiordanApril 2, 2014 at 7:15 PM

    I think some of the anger and frustration with the new owners of the property on east fifth was misdirected. It is unfortunate the previous owners did not sell sooner (during the boom years), considering the house has sat empty for ten (10) years. Not knowing their situation I don't want to judge; maybe they were dealing with long term illness or disability. Unless there were code violations visible from the exterior there was not much code enforcement could do. So demolition by neglect set in.

  10. The house was NOT empty for 10 years. A family lived there and raised dogs. There is no way that house was beyond saving, for any sane and considerate person. The trial attorney who bought it should be ashamed. And Media Borough is culpable too. A pox on both their houses.