Sunday, March 9, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

You never like seeing dangerous situations occur like the one that happened on Friday, but it provides a useful point: Make NO MISTAKE, don't mess with Media, PA. 

I know the Raven Motel provides a service for those who are in need and for others in tough economic situations, but for all of those who think they can hide-out or conduct illegal activity, YOU'RE WRONG!  Media has the BEST police and first responder force around, and as seen on Friday, this town will bring more community awareness, officers, backup, equipment, and fire-power to guarantee you won't succeed.

ATM SPOTLIGHT - Media's Woman's Club 120 years
Congratulations to the women of Media and to their club that's celebrating its 120th year. That's a great achievement, ladies!

Backyard Office

People liked last week's post about the Escape Cabin, so here's a little more of that from Weston, Surman and Deane.  Office sheds are really becoming popular and below is an example of why that is.  

John's Grille in on Facebook

I have no idea why I'm so intrigued by this, but it's pretty cool that John's does the social media thing.  In addition, I didn't know they had a website too............BUT HOLD ON!  Since when was the $0.60 taco Tuesday raised to $0.65?!?!?!?!?!  Place must be getting popular.

What's Aston have that Media doesn't?
Coming to Aston, Not Media
Well, to start with they have Gordon Lightfoot coming to pay them a visit.  More importantly they have a state of the art music venue that is filling up quick with national acts like Gordon and other well known performers.

If these acts played at the Media theatre throughout the year, Media would have more commerce and economic stimulus than it would know what to do with.

The Future of TV and Reporting.
If you've ever setup a playlist on your Mp3 player or computer to customize your listening enjoyment, you'll like what's to come in the way of television and online video.  In the near future you'll be able to program a channel that draws from your favorite selections of video content.  Whether that's Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, NBC10, blogs or your local newspaper; you'll get it on your TV in a seamless delivery.   Local newspapers are starting to catch on with broadcasts of their own.

Media 5 Miler - Is it too Late?
Only you can determine that, but if you haven't signed up for the Media 5 Mile Race on June, 20th 2014; you better get on it.  This fills up fast.......very fast!

Wimpys now serves Breakfast:
I'm told they have the best burger in town, which I'll have to swing on by and verify.  However, they also now serve breakfast.  Check them out.

11 Reasons Wawa Is America's Best Convenience Store
I didn't know there were 11 reasons as to why Wawa is so well liked in America.  We should be lucky to have such an admired company who would want to build a marque store in Media.  It's too bad Wawa has been given the run-around by a borough council who knows alarmingly nothing about economic invesment.

Twitter has a place in Media, PA
Last Friday's police activity at the Raven Motel didn't break first by, or event Facebook; it came by Twitter.  Most people don't get the idea of Twitter, but it serves locally as a very important communication and advertising tool.  Two businesses that really use this well are House restaurant and 320 Market.  Check out how businesses effectively use Twitter.

Heroine and Prescription Drugs in Media.
You're kidding yourself if you don't think these things are happening right here in Media. They are, and I've been to the funeral services.  Every bit of effort to help combat this epidemic is helpful.  Here's a video from Delaware County Council on the matter and what's being done to save lives.


  1. Good post regards to Concerts..When Media theater was being sold a concert promoter wanted to make it s concert hall but met opposition in several form...people thought tower theater. Long story that is how al itl started for The theater in present form.Does hosts concerts now even if only a few.Bring in the Rolling Stones.

    1. Compare the theatre schedule to the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville
      Something literally every night of the week, with great variety, interesting, popular, household names, and a draw from the entire tri-state area, not just the surrounding neighborhoods.
      I WISH Media Theatre had the vision to be a regional landmark and not just a show-tunes snoozefest . . .

    2. It's sad and ridiculous that Media Theater is under the strangle-hold of a production company that insists on doing musical theater (for shockingly few attendees) and refuses to show movies, host touring performers, or any of the other things that make theaters in Ambler, Bryn Mawr and Phoenixville such an asset to those towns.

  2. Why not bring back the old Past Time Theatre (think that's what it was called) over at the Media Mall where it used to be. Could have the option of watching movies just like in Narberth, Bala, and Doylestown. Would require the reconstruction of the nifty front exterior wall with marquee and plenty of interior work, but so what. I agree with the old adage that 'there's not much difference between being rich and very rich'. If one already has multimillions, in the scope of things, does it really matter to spend a couple mil or so for a really cool civic amenity that would be historically appropriate to boot?

  3. So I watched the whole Raven thing unfold on Friday, Tedman is being kind in saying this place 'provides a service'. The dreck that populates that place is the 'neighborhood' that Media is being so protective of in bashing all over the Wawa project! "Oooooh we can't disturb the neighbors" - best thing that would ever happen is to surround that area with increased activity so that the degenerates that live there don't feel so safe in conducting their 'business'. Will someone please post the REAL reason that Media council is so hell bent on NOT bringing us a nice Wawa, with cheap gas AND traffic improvements? Do y'all really want to see the alternative that MRE would put there? You think people are bitching now, just wait!

    1. Wawa can 100% feel free to pay for the upgrades at that intersection that would be caused by their operation any time they'd like so we can get ready for the eventual ribbon cutting.

      The Raven is what it is, but the existence of it does not contribute to traffic issues.

  4. I've seen a lot of stuff about the Media five miler lately, but nothing about communicating to residents what is being closed when, or where we can actually park if we can't take the day off to accommodate something we're not even participating in. I'm a fan of races in general, but the 5miler is a nightmare if you have to work til 5. You're lucky to get within 2 miles of your own house.

    1. I've lived in Media for 15 years and my house is directly on the 5 miler route. if you know Media than you can get anywhere. Stop complaining and use your noggin'

  5. Every time I schlep to Glenside to go to a concert I say how much I wish the Media Theatre would do music. Not the crap they do now. The Media Theatre is nicer than the Keswick. Somebody get with BRE Presents and get them involved (that's who's doing the shed in Aston).

    1. A couple of years back, BRE reps were brought through the Media Theater by a Media restaurant owner. They liked what they saw and made a proposal to do a half dozen shows (one or so a month, with acts similar to those presently scheduled at the Aston venue), Our current theater operators said maybe, but no weekends and only during the slowest times of the year. To add insult to injury, an astronomical and unaffordable price was quoted to rent the theater which, of course, made it a no-go. Shame.

  6. Would like to see the Media Theater converted to a MOVIE THEATER. I like what Ambler has done with their theater.