Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Problem with The Traffic Light at State and N. Orange Streets

If the following scene is frustratingly familiar to you, then you know all too well that this traffic light at the intersection of W. State Street and N. Orange was never properly synchronized when installed over a year ago.  In fact, you may know this issue so well that you’ve seen people ignore the red light and drive right through it, as someone pointed out to me this week.  Yes, it does take that long for the light to change that many people think it's broken.  As for others, they just wonder when it'll be fixed.  

This same issue was brought up months ago by the borough engineer, but yet still nothing gets done. What's it take to fix, a call to someone to make a software configuration change?  A whole 3 minutes? It’ll most likely gain awareness now that it’s on this blog, but people need to take responsibility for the people they voted for on Media Borough council because they are not doing their jobs!


  1. As a software engineer, your "whole 3 minutes" comment is dreadfully ignorant. Do you really think there's a config file somewhere in which someone forgot to set the "work like I want it to" flag?

    And really? you're worried about poor timing at State and Orange, when the light at Balt. Pike & 252 and the light at Balt Pike and Beatty Rd seem to have been deliberately programmed to create a traffic snarl in front of Acme?

    They need to either fix THOSE lights, or start making some serious ticket revenue off the people "Blocking an intersection" at Beatty and those "Going straight from a posted right turn only lane" at 252.

    1. Tell me more about how mad you are, Anonymous poster.

  2. I agree that State and Orange is broken, and I agree that Baltimore Pike and beatty is broken. Clearly the 3 minute comment is merely an exaggeration, but the point is correct. It shouldn't be very difficult in the grand scheme of things. Stand at Orange and State Street on a lonely Sunday morning sometime. It is almost comical to watch the drivers who are waiting at the light, wondering what the heck is going on.

  3. This matter is only indirectly related to the elected officials. This is an amateur effort to gain political traction. If there truly is a problem, why not call or email the Borough Manager or Director of Public Works, who are responsible for this on a daily basis? Why not? Because it wouldn't be pilitically valuable....