Monday, April 21, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes......A little Late

Despite my best efforts to take off for Easter holiday and skip this week's Media in Two Minutes on Sunday; It's just not going to happen! Okay, so here's quick version of M2M.

ATM Spotlight!: You may not know this, and very few people do, but on a good month this town is known for raising 10's of thousands of dollars for all kinds of causes.  This weekend, was Carlpalooza which was organized to help a Penncrest classmate of mine Carl Edwards raise money for medical bills brought on by colon cancer.  The event was planned months in advance, but the problem was finding a venue that could accommodate a crowd of this size.  Low and behold, Broomall Lake Swim Club stepped up and offered to help out and donated their facilty.  That generosity led to Carlpalooza raising over $11,000 dollars!  A special thanks to Beth Schwacke-Doris and her team for making this such a success!

In addition, great to see the community helping out the Conquest Family with donations to help offset costs associated with the loss of their home due to fire last week!

Making a Move in Media
Whether it's a tech company looking to move into Media or the new ownership of a building on State Street, or a deal to move a liquor license; there's a lot happening.  Oh, and another business may be coming too.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, welcome to Media - The Dress Matters - opening 4/26.

Residents Not Happy about Trash Day
Tonight it was brought to my attention that trash wasn't picked up on Good Friday, which is understandable, but the schedule on the website wasn't updated and many thought trash would be picked up Saturday.  Typically, if your trash day falls on a holiday, it's picked up the next day. I'm here to tell ya, that people get upset about this.

Media Fire Company Needs Your Help - Volunteer!
I was at two events this week and had two separate conversations about how desperate local fire departments are for volunteers.   We as a community need to take it upon ourselves to get the word out that this is a serious matter and I challenge everyone to do what they can to help.  I plan to go down there on Saturday to find out what's involved and what people can do to help.
Media: Everybody's Hometown Food Court
Is Media Becoming One?
As retail businesses give way to restaurants and eateries, is Media becoming one big food court?  Perhaps that's lucrative and acceptable for now, but at some point there has to be over saturation.  With Media losing a possible 100 parking spaces or more with the repairs needed for Olive Street Garage, lack of parking could add further stress to Media businesses.



  1. Thank you Tedman, for recognizing that BLCC is NOT the draconian entity that certain people in this borough make it out to be. Here is a perfect illustration of how community oriented our club aims to be. It's a shame that one or two small minded council people who live directly across the street can paint such a hurtful picture of a historical facility that only aims to preserve the intended use of family recreation. Shame, shame on those residents who's only interest in keeping third street closed is to limit vehicles driving by their homes, and causing havoc for borough residents who only want a safe and efficient access to BLCC.

    1. John Queeney 471 Kirk LaneApril 22, 2014 at 1:30 PM

      I agree with you 100% Anon @10:32. I have heard everything from the club is full of rich people to BLCC has racist roots. Everyone knows who the phonies are and what they are trying to pull. My question is always the same in that why is Orange Street treated so unfairly? They get ALL of the traffic heading into Media and the road condition is worse off because of it. One of the founding members of FROGS told me that it was ok to move into a house that damages the park since as she said "the house was being built anyhow so why not move in?" What makes her situation even better is that she turns the public park into her own backyard and after years of living on the site decides to start a group to clean that backyard. I have to hand it to the whole lot of them, they really believe they are stewards of the land and have no idea how arrogant they look. They have selective outrage when it comes to anything that will put their private development in jeopardy. I do respect the fact that they are so committed and full of it at the same time.

  2. What kind of tech company

  3. would like more info on the Conquest Family charity....

  4. Lorraine,

    Per your request, here's the link:

    There's a banner with the link on the top right of this site too.