Sunday, April 27, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

ATM SPOTLIGHT:A special THANKS to the Penncrest Interact Club and the Media Rotary for their clean-up work this weekend at Media's Glen Providence Park.

Media VFW Sunday Breakfast Today 8:30 to 11:30am
The last Sunday of every month the local Media VFW has their very popular breakfast.  Check it out! For $7 all you can eat, it's one of the best deals around too.  They have excellent made to order omelets that are worth the admission.

Media gets new Parking Ticketing System.
I know this, because I go one.  If you receive a parking ticket, you'll now notice a white receipt included with the yellow envelope.  Before, the infraction was written on the envelope.  Still no way to pay these via a website.

Media Pizza Gets It!
If you're in the pizza business, one statistic worth paying attention to is the fact that more and more people are using mobile apps to order food.   The average percentage of people ordering pizza online is about 40%.  What creates an advantage is that restaurants can customize coupon offers directly within the app.  No need to search the mail on your kitchen table for local offers.  Also what's neat, specials could be offered if say the Flyers score two goals in the second period, like hopefully today.

Kudos to Media Pizza for their forward thinking and an app definitely worth checking out.

Media Rugby
Despite their loss yesterday in the regional championship, Media Rugby is doing some great things which includes a tremendously loyal following.  I can't get halfway down State Street without someone asking me what can be done about a home field.  Well, I think I may just have the solution for that which would work really well for the Fall season.  

Help Tom Raise Money for Delco's Walk for the Wounded
County Council Chair, Tom McGarrigle will be in town today at Campbell's Boat House to raise money for the Delco Walk for the Wounded Fund.  Tom will be guest bartender with all the tips going to this great cause.  Event goes from 2 - 5pm today (4/27).

International Flair at Jack's Tavern
If you want to go out to drink Ouzo and smoke cigars,  there's not many places this side of the Mediterranean that you can do that inside a bar, but there is one that I know of here in Media and that's Jack Tavern.  It's a far cry from the beaches of Greece, but at least the food is good.

New Apartment Complex on West side of Town?
When I heard the rumblings of a proposed apartment complex on the west side of town, I knew it had to be something big based on the people involved.  So big, that I made a special visit this weekend to see just what was going on.  Turns out, it's far from certain but there have been some pretty interesting discussions that have indeed happened.
WestLake Apartments Austin, TX

The expense incurred to build apartments in this area similar to what they do in Texas would probably be cost prohibitive.  Here's an example of a place in WestLake Austin, TX that's very similar to the layout I lived in when I was there.  It was like living at a resort. The point being, it would be nice to have future complexes here that aren't so uniform and plain.

It's the only word that can describe media's latest debacle which is now the Olive Street parking garage.  At this month's council meeting no one seemed to care that estimates to fix the garage were twice the projected budgeted cost.  I do give credit to councilman Davidson for at least asking a question regarding the financing.  As for further discussion on why the bid were so high, the rest just sat around and said NOTHING.  Why's it so much? What are the problems? Is it cost effective to rebuild?  Can it be expanded? IS IT SAFE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  I suppose the drug operations that led to gunfire on March 7th really doesn't mean much to them either, but it does to the residents.


  1. $40,000 budget for salary of police public information officer along with whatever we pay for the code red emergency notification system. Did anyone receive a notification during the manhunt? Wasteful if you ask me...

    1. Did the DEA agent who discharged his weapon during rush hour receive any disciplinary action? No. Total BS that his life was in danger shooting at a fleeing car. Our DA said initially it appeared justified. More BS. Why can't they admit it was a poorly planned bust and if they had to do it again things would be different?

    2. You don't really need an answer to that question..

  2. Stale attitudes... not even an effort toward communication. Just keep giving us more money. Absolutely no public information to show for it. Come on Borough Council & Mayor.... where is the accountability?

  3. TM ... please tell me you are kidding when you give credit to a council person for asking a question about financing a project after bids are opened. Isn't that why we elected them they take hundreds of dollars from each of us every year... to have a plan on how to get things done. This council doesn't seem to have a plan. Rather, it seems they react to things we have known about for years, as if it's a shock we have to pay for the repair work for which we just opened bids.

  4. TM where is this potential apartment complex located? I need more details before I sell.

  5. Wow - completely shocked here that FROGs allowed other, 'legitimate' service groups to clean up their back yards, er, I mean 'park'!

    1. Wow - happily surprised Glen Providence event mentioned by ATM.