Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mismanagement by Media Borough Council may have lost funding for Third Street Bridge!

You don't know if the money's available, Media Borough Council?
For the last two years, this town has been hearing "It's being handled by the courts" by Media Borough Council regarding the matters over Third Street Bridge.  Well, as suspected, that statement is turning out to be nothing more than a profound deflection of responsibility. This Monday there was a meeting between Judge Proud, Delaware County, BLCC and Media Borough that subsequently exposed how ill prepared and dysfunctional Media Borough council has been with the project and state funding.

Over the last two years it is now coming to light that Media Borough has done absolutely nothing towards resolving this issue - No engineering designs, landscaping plans, traffic studies, discussions, etc.  I suppose the town hall meeting, surveys and CAC committee were really only for show and nothing more than a waste of time and money. Pennsylvania's top-ten most dangerous dams and Media blatantly disregards the safety of the town by failing to do anything.

Media borough council has essentially disregarded their fiduciary responsibility and instead decided to roll the dice with taxpayers money on whether they'll be held accountable for the bridge. That's turning out to be a bad bet,  as a decision on the contempt of court ruling is expected in the coming weeks.      

What's worse but not a surprise from this group, is that when the person representing the borough was asked if the state funding was still available for the project, the reply was essentially that they didn't know.


  1. So the Council should have spent a significant money on engineering designs, even though they were involved in a lawsuit that could drastically alter the fundamental nature of the proposed engineering designs?

  2. Tedman--
    When all is said and done Media Boro Council did nothing (NOTHING) except increase the cost of the inevitable. By dragging this on and on all the members of Boro Council accomplished was increasing the price of the project. At the expense of the residents if the grant money disappears.
    The dam WILL be rebuilt
    The Roadway will be constructed to accommodate TWO WAY vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
    Even if this myopic Council only allows one way---- future Council will be able to restore the roadway to two ways.
    The County of Delaware and Broomall's will be responsible for the maintenance of the Dam and Media Boro will be responsible for the road. This offer has been on the table since last June------Boro Council is pathetic.

  3. "Pennsylvania's top-ten most dangerous dams and Media blatantly disregards the safety of the town by failing to do anything."

    Safety of the town? I didn't realize State Street was in danger if the dam fails. Wow! I better move to higher ground.

    1. I think safety refers to the road being closed to emergency vehicles.

    2. The emergency vehicles are on Jackson Street...

  4. I believe the project was directed to be put on hold when BLCC went to court and the stipulation was vacated by the County judge. And then there was the appeal. Which of the parties to the court case is providing you with information?

    It is the borough's responsibility to avoid ownership of an unnecessary, high hazard dam. It is PennDOT's responsibility not to waste state money and it is the Department of Environmental Protection's responsibility to weigh public (not private) good against environmental harm. The project of dam replacement fails at every level.

  5. Along with the "lady in red" with the "What the Crap" (said mildly!) expression, the money swirling down the drain (toilet!) would unfortunately AGAIN be appropriate.
    There has got to be some underlying, behind closed door, politics going on.
    For the Love of God "Restore this Road" to 2 way 2 lane!

  6. I agree that this is a total cluster, but it is possible that the individual just didn't know the answer.... and I'm not sure it matters from that perspective.