Thursday, May 8, 2014

A 5 Story, 161 unit Apt Building by W. Baltimore Ave?

If you live on the West side of town near Baltimore Avenue, you may want to pay close attention.  A few weeks ago I learned of plans for a 5 story, 161 unit apartment (or maybe condos) complex to be built between Hills Seafood and the Fresh Produce store by W. Baltimore Avenue. I spoke to a few people close to the matter and found out that this has a ways yet to go before the needed purchase/sale of the property. However, I do know a well known business is involved and has already kicked around the idea of what they would have in mind for this project.  

Let’s do some easy math: If current ordinances require two parking spaces for each livable unit, we’re talking the possibility of over 300 more cars coming into the borough.  Even 150  vehicles would make a noticeable difference towards additional daily traffic.  If that’s a concern for you,  you’re not alone, as a few people I’ve talked to are a bit miffed by this proposal as well.  Essentially, it would be something of the scale of the proposed Hampton Inn on the East-side of town that was proposed years ago.

This has yet to go in front of the Media Planning Commission and don’t think it will any time soon, but keep it in mind.


  1. Why not? Middletown Township leaders are eagerly cramming 10x that many units into Granite Run and Franklin Mint down the road.....

  2. I think it is a terrible idea. I love living here because of the beautiful landscapes a lush greenery. Every where I look there are more mini-mansions going up, luxury condos and townhouses. Look at South Manchester, another cul-de-sac going up, it was terrible when they tore down the woods along Leticia Ln. and put those cookie cutter, over priced Victorian want to be homes. Now the land by the by-pass on Baltimore Pike near Elwyn. The proposed condos, where Granite Run is. Geez, stop already. We don't need it. I have seen so much change over the past 22 years that I've lived here. Some good stuff. But we have such a great community the way it is. If it isn't broke don't fix it.

    1. Lush greenery? The project area contains a house and large boat that have been abandoned for at least a decade. They've become a haven for wild cats and are generally a health, safety and eye sore issue. I bet you wouldn't mind such a property being renovated if it were near your home. The area to the west and south of this property has the most "industrial" appearance of any part of the borough. Old timers call it "Bed Rock" for the industrial/quarry like look it exudes.
      All construction is not bad by default. No lush greenery or nicely wooded areas would be affected by this project. In fact, any construction of residences done properly would serve to soften the appearance of the west end of town and bring to it the character we so appreciate in the rest of Media. The last 22 years, and more, have seen Media loose much of its grittiness. Town has become much safer and more aesthetically appealing. Change, done right, is often good and necessary. While I've opposed other construction projects in town, in this case change should certainly be welcomed.

  3. I think this is a very promising project. You shoudl have soem density in a town liek Media, and this might be the appropriate spot to put it. You can walk to the train station. You can walk into town. It can bring more life to that end of town. I do agree that all of those parking spaces is a concern. Ideally, they would be underground or hidden. Given the slope of the land at that location, that might be very well possible. I can't wait to hear more about it.

  4. I don't get the negativity about this. Since we all love living in the Borough so much, why so befuddled when others want to join us? It seems somewhat backwards to suggest that, though the area has seen steady growth for 20 years, NOW is the time to halt it because you like the trees on a vacant lot.

    I also just want to point out that there really is a lack of quality rental homes in the borough. Many of the units are in poor condition and are too small by today's standards. Not to mention most of them are owned by MRE, which has a terrible reputation as a landlord. You couldn't pay me enough to rent from them. I welcome the possibility of a new apartment building.

  5. Too bad houses are being replaced by crowded apartments and more vehicular traffic! Its similar scene here - its just a concrete jungle!

  6. Build it!! This town needs affordable housing. Where else will the trash removers, cashiers, waiters, and small business owners live?

  7. Hi. Maybe MRE should fix their homes and the building inspector should inspect them annually to ensure the maintenance? These beautiful Victorian homes could certainly be sufficient for a waiter. That's what I did when I was young and worked on State St. Why not build a skate park down that hill, so the MPD could go after real criminals instead of ticketing kids for playing. I saw an 8 year old skating his heart out at the playground, got stopped by an officer. The child's parent was there. The child's parent and other adults who saw the Child was not misbehaving defended the boy. Then asked the MPD where he could skate. The cop chuckled and said he didn't make the rules, he had to enforce them and jesterly laughed that it would be nice if they stopped building expensive house on some of the open space Maybe a recreation center could be built But then Media would gain No property tax revenue from a skate park for the kids. The traffic sucks at that end of town. The green space I was referring to was the space by elwyn. I have rented in Media for 20 years. Not once has the borough inspected any of the were homes I lived in. I rented from Hibberds (more slum lords) once. I told the landlord several times that the sewage pipe in the basement was cracked and the puddy they were using on a cast iron pipe wouldn't work. I woke up to a horrible stench, horse flies everywhere and black water in my basement. Hibberds refused to clean it professionaly. Their son, the maintenance man came by with a bucket, mop and bottle of bleach. He ran out of the home stating he couldn't finish because the smell was to overwhelming. I called the building inspector in Media and he agreed a professional restoration crew was needed and the pipe should had been replaced when the crack first was noticed, not bandaided by puddy. Then commented, that unfortunately there is No annual inspection done on rental properties in Media. That the landlords let the property go until they are unsafe, pushing low income tenants out. They demolish and build housing for executives. Pushing the waitresses, trash collector's out of town.