Sunday, May 4, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes
Good luck to all the runners who are participating in the very popular Broad Street Run today.  It's up to like 40,000 racers?  I knew quite a few people from Media were taking it easy last night in preparation.  I've ran this race before and it is slightly downhill throughout the whole course, thought I'm not sure it's any easier than the Media 5 Miler, which many think it is.
ATM Spotlight:  This week we had unusually heavy precipitation in the area producing inches of rain fall and swollen creeks. (below is a video of Ridley Creek this week)  Unfortunately with this type of weather comes danger, as was the case of a stranded mini van caught in the rising water of Chester Creek by Mt. Alverno Road.  

The occupants of the van included an adult and two children, which required a water rescue by local fire departments.  Due to the situation an aerial ladder was used to remove the trapped people from the sun roof of the vehicle.  Those who were directly involved in that included: Deputy Chief Ken Dawson; Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Sara Walters and Fire Fighter, Daniel Brees

A tremendous thanks for your service and to all of our first responders.  Well done!

Congratulation to Penncrest Lacrosse - Undefeated 16-0
Before Penncrest lacrosse became a powerhouse in the sport, it first started off as a club in 1985 financed by a father of one of our classmates, Mr. Giacobetti.  From there it became so popular that the school district agreed to pursue it as an organized sport.  I know that because I player the first inaugural season as a junior at Penncrest.  

Congratulations to Penncrest Lacrosse. The founding members of this Penncrest sport; Jeff Giacobetti, Wayne Wiggins, Stephen "Huey" Rigby and Brian Kelly I know are extremely proud of the achievements Penncrest Lacrosse has accomplished!
Check out the WIN!

Does Media Still Want A Hotel?
After 8 years get use to the view
You never hear talk about this anymore, but we are reminded of what once was, or could have been, when you look at the abandoned building at the site of the proposed Hampton Inn.  Are we to look at this and wonder what will happen for another 8 years?  It's been that long already and hasn't even been torn down. 

Just down the road the Springfield Courtyard Marriott is thriving along with its attached Travalo restaurant.  A reason for this success is that the elected officials for this town were proactive and had a vision. Here in Media, this is what was stated by the current Council President back in August of 2012:

Filming to Take Place in Media
BBCG Films was in town this week scouting out locations to film there upcoming movie "Bad Boys Crazy Girls"  If you're in their filming area (Veteran's Square), you may have gotten a flyer notifying you of the upcoming times they'll be shooting (tonight thru Wednesday).

They say there's no business like show business, so if you think you got what it takes, check out the casting call.

Business Closed - My Three Sons Hotdogs
Despite what may be posted on their front door, My Three Sons Hotdogs is officially closed, at least at this location.  I understand there will be another eatery is in the works an may open up this month.

Middletown Community Day
This was a great event that brought a lot of people out.  I had a chance to stop by and it was well worth the time.  One booth I did take interest in was the Chester Creek Rails to Trails project.  Looks like things are coming a long nicely with work already started.  

Middletown Community Day at PSU Brandwine
Walk for the Wounded
A special thanks to everyone who came out to make this another success.  There were a lot of generous sponsors who really go above and beyond towards raising money for this even. The BVC Director, Tore Fiore does a great job with this.
Walk for the Wounded - Rose Tree Park

Public Information Officer?
A few people brought to my attention that there's a line-item in the 2014 Media Borough budget for a Public Information Officer.  Despite the questions, I don't know what the responsibilities of the position are.  If anyone does, please share.


  1. Public information officer!? Where was the communication during the recent shootout? That's a lot of money to pay for nothing. I blame the stale management style of the Mayor and the Chief of Police. They're the only ones who can fix this in the short-term. Long term, I blame Borough Council. How in the world can they approve a budget with such a line item, with absolutely nothing to show for it??

  2. Very sorry to hear that My Three Sons will be closing. I did eat there on a few occasions and was always impressed with the owner and his drive to make the place work. Anyone who puts themselves out on the line by starting a business has my respect. Good Luck , Griff in whatever you do next.

  3. Why is it that we have paid police officers --- including $40,000 for a "public information officer" (?) --- but we rely on volunteers who receive no compensation whatsoever to risk their lives in fires and raging floodwaters?