Sunday, May 18, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Every Sunday at about 5am I wake up to write Media in Two Minutes.  Typically, I just start typing with the hope I can "Brain Dump" everything that took place within the last week.  25% of the stuff I forget (it is 5am after all), 25% I don't even want to know about, and the rest makes it to this page.

That all worked successfully up until a few months ago. However, now, between the events and the amount of things people are sending me, which keep doing by the way, I could share a ton of more interesting things about Media, but don't want to make this into Media in Two Hours.  So bear with me, as I try to get your articles submitted out to ATM readers.

Iron Hill's Craft Brewers Festival
If you didn't get a chance to go, you missed out on another Media favorite. The brewfest was packed as usual with a lot of beer, music and food.  When it comes to suds, this is one of the bigger events around with as many as 25 different brewers showing up to proudly share their craft. In addition to that, this effort has raised over $100,000 over the years for the Media Youth Center. 

Three Eateries Coming to Media!
In the last few weeks things have been busy here in Everybody's Food Court, also known as Media.  You have a sandwich shop of sorts proposed for the vacating My Three Sons Hotdog place, a still yet to be determined coffee shop/diner for N. Orange street and a recently announced "pairings" restaurant proposed by the folks from 320 Cafe.  I'm a BIG fan of 320 Cafe and with the location they are interested in, in the Media Mini Mall, things could get interesting in a delicious way.

It's becoming well known that you can't serve dinners in media without the competitive advance of also having a liquor license, which this restaurant is pursuing.  What's the criteria for having a liquor license approved by borough council?  There isn't one!  It's done on a case by case basis, which has led to having almost 20 in the  borough for a population of ~5,200. 

Gradyville Bridge - Construction to begin in September
When you have a local government that is functional, bridges get fixed.   That's the case with the Gradyville Bridge which has received a "notice to proceed" and a expected start date for this September.  Even with the environmental concern that included the habitat of the bog turtle, this project is still getting done within two years of it's closure.  Here in Media, we're going on 20 years.  The Golden Gate bridge and interstate highway systems didn't even take 20 years!  Payup Media taxpayers!

Yard Sale Fundraiser Here in Media May 24th
First Baptist Church of Media will be having a yard sale fundraiser (for the youth ministries) on Saturday, May 24th from 8am - 2pm! Hope to see you there!

DUTS IS BACK and so are the SNAPS; But who cares?
Every year Media's Dining Under the Stars has a problem with kids using SNAPS!  If you don't know what they are, they are small noise makers that kids like to throw around.  Almost on queue, it happen last week on the opening night of DUTS.  If you're interested to view the comments on this matter, that no borough officials like to discuss, or they just pretend it's not happening, please feel free to browse the lively debate.

Maybe it is a problem, maybe not; or maybe it's just me - but either way it's not my problem.  For me, I'll just avoid the whole scene, which I'm sure others will too.  Bon Appetite and enjoy the snaps!

Tom McGarrigle Opens Campaign Office
State Senate Candidate, Tom McGarrigle had a kick-off event this weekend for the opening of his campaign office.  The 26th senatorial district covers Media, Pa.  
Movies, Movies, Movies
Wow, this week we had two movies filming in and around Media.  We had "Bad Boys, Crazy Girls" in town and also, Richard Gere who was filming the opening crash scene of "Franny." Also, back in March we had Viola Davis in Media to shoot,  "How to Get Away with Murder" which brought in a big production team.  There's a reason for this.

Last November I made mention that there was an increased interest from studios and production companies to film scenes in this area.  I got that first hand from some industry leaders who can not only make that happen, but at the time already had plans underway.  "Chatman House Rules" sorta come into effect here, but there may be some interesting things in the pipeline.  Maybe for Media too.

Chester Creek - Rails to Trails
 For those of you who wanted to see the progress made on Chester Creek's Rails to Trails,  you can watch it in high definition and full blown adventure mode. (Note:  I know it's not a motorcycle trail, but it was the quickest way to film it.) 



  1. Tedman, where do you access that trail at? I've got a KLR 250 and wouldn't mind getting it dirty before the trail is all finished. Assuming it'll be off limits to motorcycles at that point.

  2. It's down at the bottom of Mt. Alverno Road by the creek. You'll see the worksite. If you're looking place to ride, I hear behind Cardinal O'Hara is good and so is a plot behind the Sun Studios on Aston.


    1. Thanks! That's quite a bit more convenient than the Pine Barrens :)

  3. Behind O'Hara is private property and posted as such.