Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here's what $2.3 billion in the Transporation Funding Act achieves for the Media Area!

Last November there was quite a stir with statements made by SEPTA regarding the possible closure of part of the Media/Elwyn (R3) Line due to lack of funding for repairs.  It was quite a serious concern for those who take this train, and also for those dreading the subsequent traffic increase from lack of rail transportation.  So much so, I began calling legislatures to learn more about what was going on.  Heck, I even climbed down the bridge by Swarthmore to take a look for myself.
Here's what I found: Not only was our (Media) State Representative, Tom Killion helpful in the matter, he was also out in front as one of the biggest advocates for this transportation funding.  Make no mistake, that helped and so did the leadership of Representative and Committee Chair, Nick Micozzie.

Luckily, ACT 89 was passed last year which allowed for an additional $2.3 to $2.4 billion for Pennsylvania's transportation system.  What might be more interesting is that the Delaware County Planning commission released an update of where some of this money will be going.   You can read the newsletter here, but if you live around Media, here's what we'll see close to home.

Planning Matters Newsletter
Of the several large county projects that will benefit from this funding, here are some highlights

  • Construction of Route 322 (Conchester Highway) widening project from Route 1 to I-95 will start as early as 2017.
  • Rebuilding of Route 1/Route 352 cloverleaf interchange will begin the final design phase soon.
  • SEPTA's Media/Elwyn regional rail line will receive repairs on four large bridges, including the complete replacement of the Crum Creek viaduct, which was build in 19th century.

    These repairs will lead to the SEPTA restoring service to the line between Elwyn and Wawa.  Though this service was discontinued in 1986, the work done on this segment over the last few years looks great and appears ready to operate.

  • SEPTA is also planning replacements of several regional rail and trolley substations; purchase of new regional raid and trolley cars; Secane, Villanova and Marcus Hook station improvements; and Media/Sharon Hill trolley signal and interlocking improvements.


  1. Tedman, this is lunacy. This is a clear as day money laundering scheme. In 5 years we will look back to this post and observe all the boxes that are left "unchecked.". This gas tax will effectively lower the tax base. Yes, that's right. Lower. It's supply side economics 101. Anytime inputs are increased, producers (in this case the refineries) will supply less of the good in question. Stemming from that, the demand will diminish as consumers will buy less at higher prices. This will result in a lower tax base. Way to go Killion. Enough of this " feel good legislation.". It's absurd, Tedman.

    1. Interesting take Johnny boy, but Tedman is 100% correct in his support of this vital legislation. For you to trot out the foil hat lunacy of "money laundering scheme" is laughable. To trot out failed recession/depression causing supply side economic theory as your justification is equally laughable. Mr. Killion's vote on behalf of this vital legislation should be commended.

  2. Mr.Mike, what is laughable is the conjured up fear that suddenly our roads would become so highly trafficked if it were not for the regional rails. If one such industry should fail, another will innovate. Creative destruction can only be prolonged for so long. I enjoyed your rhetoric, though.