Sunday, June 1, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


Congrats to Penncrest Lacrosse
Congratulations to Penncrest Boys Lacrosse for going 23-1 and advancing to the State semifinals.  People have been really paying attention to this team and love the live updates during the games.  Here's a great article on the win yesterday against Lasalle

Penncrest Graduates
Penncrest Graduation Party
Best of luck to all the graduates out there!  I was able to attend one party last night and it was great to see the fun these kids are having with achieving a big milestone.  One young lady who I talked to
shared her excitement of being accepted to Parsons in NYC for fashion design.  That's pretty cool!

Memorial Day Parade
I had no intentions of bring this up until an elderly lady I know yelled across the restaurant where I was eating yesterday to let me hear her displeasure.  She said the fifteen minute Memorial Day parade was terrible and was embarrassed by the handling of this parade for our veterans.  She made a good point: Without the Penncrest band, the fire trucks and the antique cars, this parade would have been over in 5 minutes.  Media needs to do better with this parade.  Or as the woman continued to say, "If it's not going to be done right, don't do it at all."

Auggies/Visio Bakery Move On
Site was formerly occupied by Viso/Auggies
I'm not sure what to expect in the vacant location on N. Jackson, but despite what you read or what was posted on the door, it won't be Viso's or Auggies.  It remains to be seen what happens here, but as of now, the only bakery in Media is Sinfully Delicious on Monroe Street.

Italian-American Festival Today
Maybe one of my favorite events at Rose Tree Park.  If you've never been you should check it out just for the food alone.  They also have games, cooking demos, music and a car show too.  It'll be a great day so drop by and see why this has become big tradition in Delaware County.

Parking in Media Gets Worse due to POOR PLANNING!
For over two years I've made abundantly clear the issues with the Olive Street Garage, which means Media Borough council had ample time to do something about this problem and plan for its repair.  2/3 of the garage's capacity is now out of service for the summer.   Not only did they grossly miscalculate the cost to fix the structure which was due to neglect, they couldn't do any better than to than start this repair during the time of the season when Media has its biggest events.....SUMMER.  June alone has the nicest weather for Dining Under the Stars and is the same month for the Blues Stroll and the Media 5 Miler.
New Homes on Radnor St.
It looks like the additional homes being built at E. Franklin and Radnor Streets are about to begin.  Talk about high density? These places will look to be on top of one another if two more are expected on this lot.  At $400,000, so much for affordable housing. 

Nether Providence Police Gets the Word Out!
Nice job by this police department for getting the word out on suspicious activity they felt the community needed to know about.  Crimes worst enemy is a well informed public!

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