Sunday, June 29, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

After 30 years Fast and Fancy is Finished
Thank you Roz for 30 years of great service.  Media will miss Fast and Fancy
If you haven't heard, today's the last lunch or breakfast you'll be able to have at Fast and Fancy.  After 30 years, they are closing from what was cited as an increase competitive climate and construction going on at the Media Mini Mall that will include big interior changes to accommodate the new restaurant from the guys at 320 Market.

I'll miss this place as it had the best deals in town and during the week you could get a $3.95 special.  That's almost what you'd pay for a tip for dining in most places in Media.

Here's a picture I took of Roz and her staff who wanted the community to know that she appreciated the business throughout the year. Roz, your graciousness and 30 years of service to this community will be greatly missed, especially by me.

Everybody's (Food Court) Gets Bigger!
Media's only Indian food restaurant, Shere-E-Punjab will be expanding into the adjacent property on State Street that was recently vacated.   A new cafe is coming to Jackson Street called Garden Cafe and should be open sometime next month.  That'll be run and managed by Willow Culbertson.

Mrs Marty's is under new management which will be overseen by Marty Godfrey himself.  Expect a lot of new changes here with announcements to come.

I keep hearing buzz about two brewpubs/beer gardens coming to Media, but have yet to see anything materialize. 

VFW Last Sunday of the Month Brunch
Last Sunday of the month means the best breakfast around at the Media VFW.  If the last day closure of Fast and Fancy draws to many people, give them a try.

Kickstarter ION Sport Drink - Made in Media PA
The entrepreneurial spirit is a alive and well in Media, PA.  Here's a group doing just that with a new drink their looking to launch that's produced right here in the borough.  Kickstarter campaign and mircrofinancing are nothing new, but their growing use here in Media could be huge for the area's economic prosperity.  

Small businesses are the foundation of a community and here's a great example that Media should pay close attention to.  Good jobs, tax revenue, location, financing and talent can all be found here in Media; and that's pretty exciting.

I'll be doing a report on this company, but in the mean time, consider helping them out with a donation towards their effort.  Made in Media, PA could really begin to mean something.

Media to West Chester, All Aboard!
When I'm not doing 100 different other things, I do focus on one of my pet projects which entails the feasibility of restoring the Septa rail line out to West Chester.  Truth be told, a portion of this line from Elwyn to Lenni has been repaired over the last few year.  In fact, it looks so new and operational, I wouldn't be surprise if they could run trains out to Lenni today.

It was encouraging to hear West Chester Borough's recent commitment toward this restoration effort. More to come on this throughout the year.

Bevan's Candy is 55 years Old!
Happy Birthday Bevan's Candy....and still as sweet as ever!  A milestone and achievement we all here in Media are proud of!

Media Water Test - Here's what I found
A couple weeks ago I was out to dinner with friends and someone asked me if I knew how good the Media water was.  I said it seemed okay to me but the question intrigued me to buy a water test kit.

Ok, so this is just a $20 test kit I got on Amazon so there wasn't any sophisticated analysis done, but from what I found the results were quite good for Media water here on Sixth Street.

Bacteria = Negative
Lead/Pesticides = Negative

Peapod Food Delivery by Giant
Maybe online food delivery's time has come.  For those who are elderly, disable of just too busy, ordering food online just got easier and is available in our Media area.  It's sort of like ordering from Amazon, but for food.  I've not yet tried it, but the site and app are easy to use, organized and overall useful.  

You can also choose between having food delivered to your home or picking up at the store. 

Peapod food ordering

Greeting from Chennai, India
I get to work with a lot interesting people throughout the world and I'm frequently asking them to share their stories of their towns.  Here's one who recently stayed in Media for a few months, but is now back home in Chennai, India. Her names Sowmya and she took me up on my request.  Maybe we should try this a this year's food festival.

Media Borough Council Found in Contempt of Court
Nothing illustrates the dysfunction and incompetence of a town's local government, than their own elected officials being found in Contempt of Court.  Media's Borough Council is not functioning.  This isn't the only matter they are being sued for, which will also have to be mitigated and most likely determined by a Judge.  

Here's what people are sending me expressing their displeasure with Borough Council's nonsense.


  1. Well, one thing more might illustrate the short comings of a local Council - the legal stipulation which committed Media to build and possibly pay for a Third Street dam and roadway. Can anyone identify the public benefit of the dam (without using the word "stipulation"). Cite your sources, please.

  2. The money for this project was provided several years ago by PennDOT and is still sitting there UNUSED because the borough council does not want the road to be 2 way. Some fo the residents in that area ARE council members and they like it as a cul d sac. That is why they are dragging their feet about fixing it and putting up all kinds of ridiculous stipulations to drag it out. It reminds me of the shenanigaans about putting a Wawa on Sate street.> My understanding of the conflict there is a PERSONAL vendetta against Media Real Estate, rather than any real problems with the project.

    1. I've talked to people that live a bit north of the courthouse that also would rather not open up 3rd street to all that traffic. One way is fine, or pedestrian only.

    2. Anon 3:31 how about talking to people that live on Orange St. And 5th st those are just two of the streets that get additional traffic because 3rd St. Is closed. 3rs st was two way when the town was planned and should be reopened as it originally was two lanes and two way.

    3. Seems like the decision has been made by the court of common pleas, rendering this conversation moot. But wait.... Borough Council has 30-days to appeal to Commonwealth Court. This could drag on for more years, folks. And we could end up wasting even more taxpayer dollars on legal fees. Let's make sure the decision to appeal takes place at a public meeting as required by the Sunshine Act. No more back room deals


  4. I will miss Fast and Fancy. I had many great meals there after a rough Saturday night. Good food, nice people and very reasonable. The coffee refills topped it off. All the best to Roz and her staff.

  5. Screw it, blow it up. That salmon will thank you.