Saturday, June 14, 2014

SEPTA Workers Picket at Media Station

I should have been tipped off yesterday that a SEPTA strike was imminent when I saw workers at Suburban station in Philadelphia carrying posters supporting the work stoppage.  Historically, it always seems that SEPTA works out what's needed to avoid service disruptions for tens-of- thousands of people.  As of 12:01 this morning, history hasn't yet repeated its self.  The strike is underway.

You can never tell how long these things will last, but as of 6:05am this morning, striking SEPTA members have assembled at the Media train station to protest their displeasure of a lacking long term contract.  Saturday morning is one thing, but come Monday, the mood and inconvenience for commuters could be a whole other situation.

For the regional rail riders who may be forced to commute by alternate means, which would include noticeably more traffic on local and regional roadways; let's hope this gets resolved quickly.


  1. Perhaps firms will become tired of high city taxes and the difficulties their employees face in just commuting to work, that they will finally deurbanize and come out to the suburbs. One can only dream!

  2. This was a charade. SEPTA and the union knew that the only way to get Obama to appoint a presidential emergency board would be a strike. So SEPTA "imposed" terms of a raise (?) and the union authorized a strike. Really? Can you say collusion....