Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Community Alert – Suspicious Girl going door to door in Media asking for friend

Media Police - Call 911
I received word that a girl of unspecified age was on the West Side of Media going door-to-door late this morning asking if her friend lived at the house/s she approached.  When questioned, the girl replied that she was looking for a friend that lived on the specific block.  When questioned further, after she went to another house, the girl then left and walked towards State Street.  From what I was told the Media Police are involved and believe a similar tactic may have been used for a recent break-in on Manchester.  It’s speculated that his person may have been casing area neighborhoods.  The person is still at large at the time of this posting.


  1. Any description available of this girl?

  2. Perhaps they should be paying you $40,000

  3. I know we like to get all "watch your back" and paranoid, but I have some experience with young people who have "pervasive developmental delays" particularly in the area of social graces. I know more than one kid who might consider going door-to-door a clever strategy if they didn't remember exactly where their friend lived. They also wouldn't respond well to interrogation.
    In either scenario, saying "let's see if we find a police officer to help you find your friend..." Might be the best way to help.

    1. Well it seems according to the Delco Times article on the burglary, the we do need to "watch our backs" with this creep walking around casing homes. If you're that worried about somebody lacking the faculties to not walk around alone to a friend's house, perhaps they should be out alone.